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  1. Empty 20 G

    Let me know theyre free
  2. Empty 20 G

    I have a few rams if you wanted them plus they're wild caught gbrs.
  3. Ich Outbreak

    Aquarium salt
  4. Your Auction Haul!

    You were supposed to bring those rummies for me but i saw them on the table..... don't make sales and not keep them. I believe you should get a temp ban for that mod or not!!!
  5. Jack Dempsey Tankmates.

    What i just texted double your tank size and maybe consider it.
  6. Stores With Callamanus Worms

    My wife who knows nothing about fish had called me at work saying her favourite oranda was pooping a worm. When I asked the people at the store they laughed, and told me it was indigestion, but I knew there was something wrong. 2 days later he died (bloated, and not symmetrical). I think it was a fish from one of these infested places in Edmonton that spread it to my wifes favourite fish, but as soon as the thought of a parasite is brought into a store it's shut down.
  7. Mandarin Goby

    Beautiful colours.
  8. What s/a or c/a cichlids do you keep?

    Rams.. Electric blue, Germans, and Gold reds. Jack Dempseys