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  1. Concrete Pond In Edmonton A Bad Idea?

    The insulation under the slab helps to keep the heat in. Just like in basement construction, you insulate under the slab if you want the slab to stay warm. Think of the ground as a giant heat sink. There is also no way to build the pond so it is below the frost in Edmonton, but by it being heated with crush and foam under it, the concrete will survive the winters. Jason
  2. Koi Jumping

    Very sorry to hear about the loss. While I have heard about koi jumping out of their ponds, it had always been with a fish new to the setup. It sounds like you have had the koi for a while now. Has it happened before? Jason
  3. Concrete Pond In Edmonton A Bad Idea?

    I could not agree more that the prep is extremely important when it comes to pouring concrete, and I am still debating if that is the way to go, but if I do, I am thinking I will pour the walls as if I was pouring a grade beam with piles and foam under them. As I plan to heat the pond over the winter, I will also insulate under the slab to at least R-20 if not higher. The higher the better as it will assist the ground under the pond to remain unfrozen. I know of a couple people who winter their Koi outside and from talking to them, at least one has had to dig up the pond and redo it do to heaving. Just hoping to know the issues going in. Any chance you know of any landscapers who have installed some concrete ponds in the past? Jason
  4. Ok, I have been looking at building a Koi pond that intergrates with the deck I am building, and was just wondering what are the main reasons people do not build thier ponds out of concrete in Alberta. In my discussions I have heard of cracking an heaving, but as it will have to remain semi-heated, the heaving should not be an issue. As to cracking, it would be lined. Is there something else I am missing?
  5. Diy Spray Bar For Fluval Fx5 And Intake

    If you do not like the white PVC pipe, another option would be to go with the schedule 80 PDC. It is a litter more expensive, but it is a dark grey color.
  6. Hello From Edmonton

    Thought it was about time to stop lurking and sign up. I have had tanks of various sizes over the last 25 or so years off and on. Starting to look at getting setup for salt water, something that seemed so advanced 25 years ago, but is getting more common. Look forward reading up on the forum. Jason