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  1. German Rams & Bolivian Rams

    Well after a few days back in the tank together everyone seems to be getting along just fine! I just noticed that the German Rams have paired up and one of my Anubias leaves are covered in eggs Things are looking up
  2. 120G Planted

    I'll take some pics this weekend and send your way.
  3. Ok, i ordered a couple boxes (15 pieces, he said he would throw in some freebies). If it takes 6 weeks that perfect timing, basement renos start mid January be done by end of January and I can then begin the rebuild in a fresh basement. As most of these pieces are long branches I'm still looking for ground cover, foreground accent pieces that will be suitable for Moss, Riccia and Anubias to be attached to. Once I've gone through the pieces and decided what items i wont be using ill be sure to spread the love and post the remaining pieces for Sale/Trade.
  4. 120G Planted

  5. German Rams & Bolivian Rams

    Thank you! I took the bolivians out of the main tank for the day and fed them, once they were free swimming fins out i put them back in the main tank and shut off the lights for the night. This morning they are looking pretty good ill keep an eye on them. Are South American Cichlids like Africans where you can lower the stress on each fish by increasing the number cichlids in the tank? I would love to add some Apistogramma's to the tank if its advisable.
  6. German Rams & Bolivian Rams

    http://s89.photobucket.com/user/jeditait/media/Planted%20Tank/9D3ACAD3-22EC-425C-A676-507DF8D6C39F_zps6dvw7hox.jpg.html http://s89.photobucket.com/user/jeditait/media/Planted%20Tank/E89330AB-D867-497D-BD34-0A7B8E7B4902_zps9m49okjg.jpg.html
  7. German Rams & Bolivian Rams

    120g, 6' long. I think I have 2 male and 2 female German Rams, can't sex the Bolivians right now.
  8. How long did delivery take? I'm thinking about ordering a couple boxes full of pieces, using what I need then selling\trading off the remaining pieces.
  9. Spoke with the guy from manzanita-driftwood yesterday. Currently he has a special on, buy 2 get third piece free, pieces range from about $15 - $40 (for 1-4 foot pieces, he has other pieces worth quite a bit more). Shipping is $40 a box and he can fit about 8 pieces into a box. Doesn't seem so bad....