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    a planted tank with dario dario and elassoma gilberti.
  1. Leds Or T5S For Planted Tank?

    Has anyone seen the kessil line of leds? I saw the a350w on a saltwater setup and was blowen away! Really its impossible to explain the amount of light that can come from such a small focal point. I'm sure they don't use them for car headlights because they would cause accidents! They make one for freshwater called an amazon sun and its seems to make a big difference to plant growth, but it's really expensive and you have to have the right kind of tank set up.
  2. I'm New To Co2

    Hello all, I've been out of the hobby for over 10 years. I know because I have twin 10y/o daughters. When i was last addicted I had several tanks and liked larger aggresive species that i could live feed. Things have changed I now like what is more acceptable for 9y/o girls! (lol) I have started a 125 gallon planted tank and am triing my hand at growing plants. I have made a diy co2 setup that i should probably be happy with, but I've researched online and decided that if I should continue to make co2 this way I'm going to have to produce an alcohol that I can drink aswell as the co2. I've taken down 2 recipes that I'll try and if successful I'll post in the future. Anyone who is already doing this please share your recipe with me. I'm using the co2 in my planted tank and in a tank that I'm making phytoplankton in, idea being that the phytoplankton uses the co2 at night when the tank isn't. the tank gets 8hrs a day the phytoplankton gets 16hrs. The phyto is under grow light at night. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with all the phytoplankton. I've made a co2 diffuser with an old power head but I like the look of the glass ceramic ones placed on glass near bottom of aquarium. Not to sure they work as well but they do look cool! I have a sodastream for making drinks and have thought about purchasing a refill kit because I drink allot of soda water( I exchange my bottle once a month). This made me think about the control a bottle and regulator would provide me. My research thus far on regulators has me looking at two simmilar options only I think the qualities of the two maybe very different. If anyone had experience with one of these (http://www.adana-usa.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=460) ( http://www.aquariumhk.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=859) or ordering online with one of these companies, I would sure appreciate hearing about it. This is my 2nd post so I don't know if those links will work or not but you can write me directly to request the information if its not viewable.
  3. Wellcultured

    Hello, I have not had a tank up and running for over 10 years. The hoby has really changed(for the better) and the high tech equiptment I spent a fortune on is now outdated. I have a 125gallon planted tank with 6dario dario, 3albino bristlenose, 34cardinals, 6marble hatchets, 24cherry shrimp, 3reticulated hillstream loaches, countless rams horn snails and 3 assasin snails, mistakenly(and soon to be gone)15glowlight tetras. I plan to add a breeding group of pygmy sun fish(gilberti) and some tiger or zebra ottocats aswell as some pygmy corys. I noticed there are members who order fish via aquabids....this interests me as lfs don't always have specific fish I want to add(zebra ottocats). Also because my dario dario will only eat live, (not even frozen bloodworms) I have been culturing microworms. They are too messy though so I'm triing daphnia(pulex) and vinegar eels. I haven't met anyone in Calgary who cultures live foods yet but I've seen cultures available online and have considered purchasing to see how difficult it is to buy and atain fish from aquabids. Anybody interested in the 15 glowlight tetras i have had in my tank for 2months, they are healthy and flawlessly colored i'll sell them for $2.50(half what i paid $4.99).