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    Dats , Giant Snake Head.... Panda Guppies.
  1. DIY hood

    Awesome thank you very much... have some thiughts on yhe hood now.
  2. Super Red And Crossback

    beautiful..... peaceful living from the pic.
  3. Diy Sponge Filters

    awesome thank you.
  4. Quieter Filter?

    In my opinion make sure the water of the tank is topped up close to where the filtered water is flowing. If you keep the flow of water from the filtered water not dropping into the tank it will be quite. Canister filter will have humming sound. With a 37 gallon I would use the fluval c3 or aquaclear. As long the water level is high.... once the water level is met u shiuld only jear whisper of mechanical sound of the rotor or the motor. Hope thay helps.
  5. Glass Tops Made To Order?

    Aqua giant is more economical. Agree with that by far.
  6. Help Me Choose A Canister Filter

    Marketing I mean
  7. Help Me Choose A Canister Filter

    Fluval has marjetting startegy.... but when product is sold more then can be demanded... quality come down... hope thatwill give you some idea.... I have fluval... its been working good... I also have eheim classic and xp3.... I don't see problems in them.... just have to keep in mind when u have to clean them... which is easy to do so.
  8. Aquatic Frog/Cichlid compatibility

    Agreed.... taking care of guppy fry is more interesting in a week to week bases...
  9. Stocking A 30 Gallon

    Enjoy what you prefer.... bilivian is beautiful to look and relax... sexing or not is an option... as first time fish keeping.... don't try to sex them..just have them ....when u are familiar then sexing them would be ideal as you are in a better mindset and more confident to do so.
  10. Anybody Keep Snakeheads Out There?

    Giant snakehead needs big tanks... especialky a few... in prospective an adult about a 13 month would be ideal to be in a 150 gallon but its up to you in preference.... personally I have one at 6 inches and its in a 70 gallon and will be looking for big tank soon... Eats like no tomorrow but awesome to see when they are relax and calm... or when aggressive or hungry.
  11. Driftwood

    Good info on tannis.... The other option could be getting hardwood in small pieces and playing it like lego. The turn out will be beautiful as well ... justboption or something to keep in mind... I have smaller driftwood but have a few of them.... pile them up at the back and it will create loops or hiding spots for your beloving pets to play and hide.
  12. Where To Buy/ Cut Aquarium Glass In Edmonton

    You can try aquagiant or marina aquaria but the price might be higher then rona or the hardwarestores
  13. New Aquarium Substrate

    thank you for the substrate idea. have been using gravel from the big stores and find it expensive for the 2 55 gallon i have now. will change it over soon.