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  1. I have recently become quite interested in green horned frogs (pacman frogs) and have acquired 2 of them, with plans to get a couple more at the upcoming reptile show next month, if available. I know this is an aquatic forum, but amphibians are half aquatic, and there's knowledge here so I figured I'd ask away. I have a pretty simple setup: 10 gallon tank, with just coconut fibre substrate, a water dish, a half coconut shell to hide under and a pothos plant in a pot. My DIY mind got the wheels turning and I was thinking of ways to complicate my setup unnecessarily to "make it better" (that's what DIY'ers do, right? lol)...more out of curiosity than anything really. But, has anyone ever tried a setup where the substrate was raised up so that there was a water volume underneath it, then filter the water with say a sponge filter run off an airline or small pump, to run back up to the top of the substrate and cycle through? I mean, you generally only change the coconut fibre once a month or so, so I wouldn't expect it to be saving me tons of money that way or anything. But, theoretically it would make the environment healthier for the frog...no? Better than an unfiltered system where the waste just builds up until cleaning everything? Frogs partially breathe through their skin, so water health would contribute to their overall health. Or do you think frog waste is too much for this, especially once they reach adult size and can eat small mice? This would probably be a lot of work for a small enclosure, and a 10 gallon tank might be too short for such an idea. But in theory, if you say, had some egg crate (or a plastic "tray" of some kind with holes drilled in it for drainage), lined it with some screen to help keep the coconut fibre from draining into the water reservoir, and raised it up (to act as the "floor" for the frog) by supporting it with some pieces of pvc pipe cut to length and standing on end. Then put a sponge filter in the space underneath, on one end of the tank, with the output rising slightly above the level of the substrate, and the drainage holes on the opposite side of the tank, so the water is forced to cycle... Would it work? Haha. Or am I just crazy? If nobody knows what the hell I'm talking about, I'll sketch up a picture for reference.
  2. Price Of Used Tanks

    Interesting, that... I got my 110g for free. Every smaller tank I've had to pay for...
  3. Suggested Dither Fish

    I always use giant danios in my cichlid tanks. They outlast everything. Not sure if they'd be aggressive enough to deal with piranha, but they're cheap and might be worth a try.
  4. I Don't Get This Logic...

    Say no more. No need to elaborate. It's none of their business anyway. Political correctness is way overboard these days.
  5. Aquarium Tracker

    I'm surprised there's not a phone/tablet app for this yet...
  6. Ace Spring Auction

    I don't see a post with the info - is the auction the usual time and place?
  7. Auction Time!

    I wasn't able to make it out to this one. The only thing I would have been on the lookout for were synodontus lucipinnus.
  8. Thought I'd post some pictures of my stand that incorporates fish tank and DJ studio. Sorry for the quality of the iphone pics. I got the tank for free, missing bottom trim and with some cracks, so started by leak testing it for a couple weeks. Then began construction and I built the platform for the tank, and the DJ table. I just today finished the shelf for the speakers and records/accessories. Leak test: Aquarium stand: DJ Table: Assembled and filling: All set up: Added a DIY LED fixture, and DIY overhead sump: Canister filter outputs into the sump, which drains back into the aquarium: The entire planter box is filled with plastic dish scrubbies. I also later added a 3rd drain line as 2 wasn't enough: Added the shelves for records and accessories, and the speaker shelves: (iphones suck) A more in focus picture of the studio part:
  9. I ended up getting a free 6' tank and have just set that up and tore down the old tanks. I still made my own stand for it though, as I also DJ and my old table/desk I was using to hold my music equipment was about 6' long as well. The aquarium is sitting on a 2x4 frame on the floor, and the DJ table is over-top, combining the footprints.
  10. Driftwood Lowered My Ph...help

    I boil my driftwood until it doesn't make my water dark; boil for at least 5-8 minutes, and if the water is dark, rinse, repeat. This will leach out the tannins faster. A small piece of driftwood shouldn't take too long.
  11. Filters?

    http://www.bigalspets.ca/filstar-canister-filter-xp-s.html It says it's good up to 45 gallons, and pumps 250gph (not sure if that's before or after media). From what I've found on the XP2, it's good up to 75 gallons and with media pumps ~150gph. (I also run a powerhead on a large sponge filter, and a second powerhead on a small coarse sponge at opposite ends of the tank - so it's not my only filtration) I'd say a larger model couldn't hurt, but it's not necessarily needed either.
  12. Diy Spray Bar For Fluval Fx5 And Intake

    Just wrap scratch pads around the filter intake and hold them with rubber bands. Big Al's has sponges in their pond section as well.
  13. Filters?

    I have a Rena XP2 that I initially ran on a 40 gallon saltwater tank for 5-6 years, and am now running on a 55 gallon freshwater (going on 9+ months now). Will be moving it to the 110 gallon setup once it's ready as well. I've never had any problems with it, other than wanting more flow (just means I should upgrade). It can take a licking and keep on ticking.
  14. Fish Or Fish Less Cycle ?

    All the tanks I've kept over 20 years I've done with fish. (I didn't even learn about the fishless cycle until recently, on these boards) I tend to use giant danios for larger tanks - a small pleco for small tanks. I use fish that are hardy and can tolerate some stress. Used filter media is the best way to go if possible.
  15. Tank For Malawi Cichlids

    For cichlids you want maximum surface area. The more floor territory the better. Aquarium height is less important.