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  1. Aquarium frame

    Just an update. No one in town carries the 48x18 frame. I called Concept, Big Al's online, Pisces, Wai's, and Bow Valley. I was going to attempt to DIY one myself. Ended up ordering one off aquariumframewholesale in US since I am going down to Sweet Grass for a pickup run later this month.
  2. Aquarium frame

    Thanks CK. I'll swing by tomorrow.
  3. Aquarium frame

    Hi all. I started on a project to re-seal my 90g since the top frame was seeping a little. After I stripped the sealant off the top frame I removed it and placed it by the side of the garage. Long story short my wife ended up closing the garage door and the top frame is now in 8 pieces. Anyone know what I can pick up a 48x18 top frame in Calgary?
  4. Tank Imbalance Question

    I would like the pH to be around 7 but the water here is brutal. My lowest tank is 7.6 with lots of driftwood and the tank is quite old. I am not a big fan of adding peat moss so will have to wait for pressurized co2 to lower it some more. I agree. Will wait a bit for the plants to catch up and see how everything goes. Evan
  5. Bio Media And Filtration

    I've got about 5lbs of ceramic rings and bio balls in my canister, along with purigen. I have purigen in 3 different planted tank setups. There are tons of people using purigen in the planted tank filter if you look online. Works wonders for me.
  6. Tank Imbalance Question

    So I tossed together a 90g planted about 6 weeks ago. Have been dosing PPS-pro macro and micro. https://sites.google.com/site/aquaticplantfertilizer/home/pps-pro I started off with dosing 5 ml of metricide daily, slowly upped it to 15 ml now. Lightning is 3x54 watt T5HO for 10 hours. I even left one of the lights out, was scared of algae. Filtration is Sunsun HW-304B canister, cascade 300, and two 5" poret cubes. Temp is 25-26. I have the API master kit, Ammo=0, nitrite=0, nitrate=10-20, PH=8. Ideally, I would like to pick up a full pressurized co2 system after the new year. I've had brown algae from new tank syndrome, but it's gone now. Recently though, staghorn algae had started to take hold. There is also some fuzz algae growing on the micro swords and a little bit of brush algae near the top of the tank. Picture of actual tank about a week ago. I've removed the micro swords and brush algae since then. Any suggestions on how to combat the stag algae and balance everything out?
  7. Hygrophila Corymbosa Or Temple Plant

    I do! PM your number, I pass by Red Deer just about every week. I can bring some with me next time.
  8. Ich Treatment Help Please!

    I agree with Jay. Just dose some salt, crank up the heater to 86-90f and wait. You can dose chemical if you like, I've had great success with Seachem paraguard in the past. Plants will come back. They are resilient.
  9. Look What I Found

    Fabulous fish Jay!
  10. I've done 90f+ for 2 weeks on 2 occasions with great success. Once with heavy, heavy salt, perhaps about 5 tbs per 10g. All the stock survived (blackskirt, cardinals, bloodfins tetras, ottos, even the snails lived). Plants got blown away but did make a come back. The second time with very little salt (2 tbs in a 35g) and just dosed Seachem Paraguard for 2 weeks. You would be surprised how much salt fw fish can handle. Lesson learned, always use a QT lol.
  11. Oh Yeah, I Hate Duckweed

    Thanks for the fishies! I tried my best but couple pieces of dw landed in the tank. Waiting for the explosion tomorrow morning when I wake up.
  12. Suggest Stocking For 90G Fw

    I have always wanted to try angels and have never kept rainbows. Is there a beginner species of rainbows that you would recommend?
  13. Hi all, I have just picked up a 90g tank. It was previously a marine tank couple years back, that owner sold the fish/corals, then it got transferred to the last owner and he didn't even know the difference between fw and sw. He ended up leaving everything on the tank and just topped it up with tap water and tossed half dozen common goldfish in there. When I picked up the tank it still had the protein skimmer on there, along with 1/4" thick algae on everything, white silicone all over the bottom of the tank with a minor leak. I asked him when the last time he did a water change was, he said and I quote, "like 2 years ago". LOL. I spent the whole last weekend cleaning and resealing the tank and made a diy stand as well.. Now I need suggestions on stocking. I currently have a 10g, 20g, 35g, and a 50g, all soil and planted community tanks. I want to keep this one planted as well but want to try different stocking. I am interested in getting a pair of Bolivian rams, the rest is wide open. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any suggestions.
  14. Question About Rena Xp3

    I have tried all the suggestions and still no luck. -All the connections are good -Tank is full -I tried siphoned it out through the outlet tube but there was no flow after -Cap is super tight on the intake side. I have took every out, emptied all the water, and reprimed 10 or so times. Every time the water level remained at the same spot. Could this be a failed gasket? Could it be the propeller? How do I determine if propeller is still good? The water inside the canister is full after I prime it. Zero leaks from canister as well.
  15. Question About Rena Xp3

    Didn't taste that bad , but didn't work either :cry: . The water level is stuck about 4-5 inches below the U bend on the outlet side (image below). If I turn the canister on the water level inside the tube will fluctuate about an inch up and down.