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  1. Nice cave!
  2. Do you run CO2?
  3. But if you have extra $ to spend - I use the Current USA Satellite Pro+ on my 60P and it's great as you can dim the lighting and set it on a timer as well.
  4. Since last summer - it's great for piece of mind.
  5. I picked up Inkbird controllers off amazon to use with Eheim heaters. They are amazing.
  6. I am using the plus pro on two tanks - the 18-24" fits perfectly on my ADA 45P (10 g) and the 24-36" on my 60P (17 g).
  7. Wow, I've never seen it flower before - should be interesting to see
  8. Welcome - I'm not sure those two words can be in the same sentence (cheap + ADA) but having said that, try SKA Shrimpkeepers on the forum here
  9. The pin holes mean that could be it but it also looks like mottled leaves which is a nitrogen deficiency. What type of fertilizer regime do you have?
  10. Not sure if it's the same thing but when I switched a tank from CO2 injected to no CO2, I dimmed my led lighting and shortened the light period. Now I've increased both and plants seem to be fine. Not even my crypts melted.
  11. Welcome - FYI that's a Rena filstar filter- I have three of them (easy to maintain)...
  12. ADA and Fluval. I also like Flourite. I won't ever use aquarium gravel again....
  13. Nah, compared to some members I've got small tanks. My dream would be something over 65 g but not more than 125 g. I took your advice and put the lighting up to 60% for 10 hours.
  14. Once my 45-P cycles and I transfer the Celestial Pearl Danios then I will play with the lighting on the 60-P. When it's all settled then I'll be looking for a betta. Cabomba is the one plant I can't grow. I might try it again in a low tech environment. Right now I have tiger lotus, crypts, Hydrocotyle cf. tripartita, Ludwigia, and staurogene (that I'll probably lose).
  15. I'm using a shorter light period on these low tech tanks mainly to avoid algae. I'm using Finnex 24/7 LEDs on my other two ADA 75-P with CO2. Its quite nice to view the tanks when I want. When I used Fluval LEDs I could hear the fish splashing when it was lights out. I think in going to try the myriophillum - it sounds like a nice background plant for my bigger tanks.