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  1. Hello!

    Hi Jess - It's me Tina
  2. Hot Power Supply

    If you ever put anything under your cabinet, you can use 3M hooks to get your power strip off the ground. I recently had a filter leak and was glad that I hooked mine up on the side.
  3. Betta help??

    Can u put something for him to rest on near the water surface?
  4. CO2 tank refills YYC

    Hi - just paid $65 to get a 10 lb CO2 tank filled at Oxygen Products. Does anyone have a cheaper alternative?
  5. Small Tank Heaters

    Try the Tetra HT series - I've just purchased one for a 5 g and I like it.
  6. New Tank - Stumped

    Raw shrimp in a small filter bag weighed down by a rock works well - keeps the mess inside
  7. am i in the wrong place?

    You have to post a few times before you have access to the buy and sell.
  8. For the kids

    Welcome back Papa!
  9. Is this forum dead?

    Zzzzzz.... Lol
  10. Hi from Brooks

    Nice cave!
  11. Hair Algae?

    Do you run CO2?
  12. 40b plant lighting

    But if you have extra $ to spend - I use the Current USA Satellite Pro+ on my 60P and it's great as you can dim the lighting and set it on a timer as well.
  13. Heaters

    Since last summer - it's great for piece of mind.
  14. Heaters

    I picked up Inkbird controllers off amazon to use with Eheim heaters. They are amazing.
  15. Do Fish Need Sun Light?

    I am using the plus pro on two tanks - the 18-24" fits perfectly on my ADA 45P (10 g) and the 24-36" on my 60P (17 g).
  16. Red Tiger Lotus Flower?

    Wow, I've never seen it flower before - should be interesting to see
  17. Hello From Calgary

    Welcome - I'm not sure those two words can be in the same sentence (cheap + ADA) but having said that, try SKA Shrimpkeepers on the forum here
  18. Nutrient Deficiencies

    The pin holes mean that could be it but it also looks like mottled leaves which is a nitrogen deficiency. What type of fertilizer regime do you have?
  19. Using Excel

    Not sure if it's the same thing but when I switched a tank from CO2 injected to no CO2, I dimmed my led lighting and shortened the light period. Now I've increased both and plants seem to be fine. Not even my crypts melted.
  20. Hello From Calgary

    Welcome - FYI that's a Rena filstar filter- I have three of them (easy to maintain)...
  21. What's Everyone Using For Substrate

    ADA and Fluval. I also like Flourite. I won't ever use aquarium gravel again....
  22. Low-Tech Planted Tank

    Nah, compared to some members I've got small tanks. My dream would be something over 65 g but not more than 125 g. I took your advice and put the lighting up to 60% for 10 hours.
  23. Low-Tech Planted Tank

    Once my 45-P cycles and I transfer the Celestial Pearl Danios then I will play with the lighting on the 60-P. When it's all settled then I'll be looking for a betta. Cabomba is the one plant I can't grow. I might try it again in a low tech environment. Right now I have tiger lotus, crypts, Hydrocotyle cf. tripartita, Ludwigia, and staurogene (that I'll probably lose).
  24. Low-Tech Planted Tank

    I'm using a shorter light period on these low tech tanks mainly to avoid algae. I'm using Finnex 24/7 LEDs on my other two ADA 75-P with CO2. Its quite nice to view the tanks when I want. When I used Fluval LEDs I could hear the fish splashing when it was lights out. I think in going to try the myriophillum - it sounds like a nice background plant for my bigger tanks.
  25. Low-Tech Planted Tank

    Sounds like a great project. What have you programmed your lights to? I have the same fixture on a 60P ADA low tech tank and use the warm day button for about 6-7 hours.