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  1. Suggestions for a 65G

    Hi Everyone, I currently have a 65G cichlid tank that is almost empty and I would like suggestions on larger fish I could put in there. It currently has a play sand base with a bunch of rocks on the bottom that can be removed with lots of swimming room. I would like a larger fish that does well on Calgary water. Something in the 6-8" range would be ideal. I would like to only have one species one male and 1-2 females. Predator, Hap., Peacock. Something that is rarish/unique/colourful. A display fish. Dimensions of the tank are 36" x 18" x 24". Thank you for any suggestions you can make.
  2. Jewel Cichlid Marking?

    I have two Jewel Cichlids and one is getting a blackish spot back towards its tail. Hmm, in this picture it looks mid body. Is this a maturity mark or a mark for males/females? Thank you
  3. Tank For Malawi Cichlids

    Yes, this would be specifically for mbunas. I am mainly concerned about weight as I cannot see how the flooring was structured in the developed basement. I would assume the wider and deeper the tank the better the distribution of weight. I figure about 1000pounds all in for the water, aquarium, rock, stand and filter. The only downside with a custom 46" tank as I cannot get a 4' tank in there is that I need to be creative with lighting and a cover. And, yes, I am planning a large rock mound. Just researching hardscapes right now. Thinking 2/3 rocks and 1/3 sand for the bottom. 2/3 of tank height will be the rock mound.
  4. Tank For Malawi Cichlids

    Hi Everyone. I was looking at getting a new tank and would like to know your opinion on whether Malawi Cichlids prefer a long skinny tank (46x16x20) or a shorter fatter tank(36x20x24). I have a somewhat small space to get a tank into measuring 47 1/4" across. I am most likely looking at a custom tank to fit into there. Thank you.