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  1. Red-Tailed Shark w/h others?

    I would move the rescue fish into the 120 and put some of the Tetras or rasbora into the 15gal or find different fish for it. Keep an eye on the algae eaters for showing interest in your fish
  2. Malaysian Driftwood Edmonton

  3. Check Out This Boy

    Awesome! Im a big fancy goldfish fan =) What are you feeding?
  4. New Shrimp Rack

    How's your tank set up going now?
  5. Western Canadian Fish Stores

    Interesting... nobody else had anything to comment including the op?
  6. What To Do With Too Many Fish?

  7. Auction November 6

    That sucks about the angel. I saw it when he held the bag up for auction and the fish looked near death at that time
  8. Fahaka Puffer With Parasites

    Fish passed this morning
  9. Fahaka Puffer With Parasites

    Sorry I should have checked other threads first. I'll try to get him to lower water levels and try more metro. Metronidazole from the vet (liquid) is not any less expensive unfortuantely.
  10. Hi my friend has a large fahaka Puffer in a 150 gal tank presenting with white poop, low activity, disinterest in food. The tank was treated with metro for the size of the tank and now a water change. I am wondering what is a more cost effective measure of treatment as the fish is still ill and metro was $80. Any advice is appreciated. No interest in blood worms,shrimp or snails probably hasn't eaten in about 3 weeks. Thank you
  11. are blackworms a complete source of nutrition for fish? I have recently purchased some and have been wondering these fish look great
  12. Western Canadian Fish Stores

    [sorry if this doesn't flow, I wrote it jumping between sections] Some stores carry specific fish that nobody else gets (ie: Petsmart carries synodontis nigriventris or someone privately who bought from Petsmart). I think Petland carries this fish now but mislabeled as a Moth Catfish. Some private/home based operations have lower prices and less commonly found livestock (ie: SKA Shrimps with high grade red cherry shrimp for $4 instead of $8+ in store (Big chain or otherwise) I notice stores are starting to carry more than your $7 betta. Such as the giants, koi colours, etc. As well as bringing in less commonly found livestock. Home businesses are starting up around Edmonton. If this is a stable, long term option I don't know but I think it's more for the person(s) to exercise their hobby and make a few bucks on the side while having a revolving door of sweet new things (plants and fish)(at wholesale pricing) without the overhead of a store front. I wouldn't say online ordering is killing the local market because shipping is still over $50 and the average person isn't going to justify that extra cost they may save on livestock found locally. Group orders are nice as they can offer rare fish or large quantities of fish at a lower price while often paying nothing extra for shipping. However the risk of losing fish I find is higher from their travels, maybe they only just landed in Canada the same week you ordered them. Downsides are many, including not being able to see the fish you're buying. For myself, ordering what is a $6 fish in big chain store, $4 in locally owned store, $3 private sale, and $1.25 for 100 (group order) the risk of losing 10% of my order is still worth the savings. I think this goes for a lot of people as well. I shop around for price, availability of what I'm looking for and quality (maybe adult sizes and colouring). I still go to Big Al's as they end up with strange surrenders and while not going into prices or whatever wormhole mentioning this store always does, I have a 5" Vampire Fan Shrimp from there and that is not something I've ever seen anywhere else! Often I have no idea what I'm looking for and will often visit "all" my local stores just seeing what's cool and available. One day my bank statement showed Aquarium Illusions, Aquarium Central, PetSmart, Big Al's and Petland all in the same day :$ I've only been to one store in Calgary, Pieces. This place is amazing and enormous with aisles and aisles of freshwater livestock. The prices weren't low enough for me to justify having a fish sit in a unheated bag for 7-8 hours however. The market is rich with options, each offering something different yet with a lot of similarities. If I am recommending a store to someone new it is always Aquarium Central for freshwater options, plants, supply available in store from knowledgeable staff.
  13. Silvertip Bristlenose Genes

    My albino pairs regular fin also produced some long fin albino.. I have 1 long fin but I dont believe it to be breeding size yet? at only 2-2.5" without fins. If it is of breeding age then it would be female. In my experience (6 months) with my : 2 male adult albino reg, 2 female adult albino reg, 1 unsexed juvinille long fin albino. They produced 6 batches of 99% regular fin albino, with maybe 30 long fin albino, and 1 silvertip regular fin babies. Pressumably, mine are from long lines of albinos? TL:DR/ Albinoism is recessive however long fin is dominate. You should get a mix. Two long fin parents would result in a larger percentage of babies being long fin.