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  1. Hello Harold. Have any male jaguar cichlid ? 

  2. Arapaima For Sale

    The common arapaima are relatively easy to buy but are seasonal and can only be purchased in small sizes (6-8") and of course with the accompanying CITES permit. The other 4 types are impossible to source as they are very close to extinction in the wild. These commons are bred in captivity and mostly marketed as food fish. The only things holding back the sales are the extreme size and strength of these monsters. 10' and 450 lbs. is a tank buster and one that size is not going to subsist on pellets. It would much rather slurp down 20 lb. salmon or anything else in that size range it could crush and swallow in that massive mouth. In the wild they eat anything that happens to be in the water usually near the surface where they spend most of their time as they have to come up for air every 10-20 minutes. This necessity has been their downfall as they make easy targets for fishermen with harpoons and 10 footers are a rarity in the wild..
  3. Riverfront Aquariums Finale

    I saw the news on CFCN the day of the court appearance and all they mentioned was the amount of the fine ($20000) for Wayne and $4000 for the owner. These were the maximums and had never been handed out prior to this case.There was no mention of abuse against the fish it was all to do with all the other 300 pets for sale in the store. Pet stores will only decorate display tanks and the balance are streamlined for quick access and sale - no plants, rocks, wood, etc. as these are just nuisances in trying to net the fish. I have been in this hobby for 57 years and what most people don't understand is that to the pet stores fish are just a commodity to be bought and sold for a profit. They are not something like a dog or a cat or a reptile that is treated more humanely and for the most part much better cared for. They only become pets when they are purchased and taken to a caring home. More times than I care to remember I have been in stores where fish are literally dumped out of the bags into a tank and within 10 minutes someone is on their way home with their new fish. Stores want the highest possible turnovers not only because that is more profitable but they want to unload their commodities before they start to get sick and die. Better stores will at least quarantine their fish for a week or more even though this cuts down the profit temporarily. What I'm getting at here is that in this regard Riverfront was no different than any other fish store in town or anywhere else. The fish were just a victim of circumstance when Riverfront was shut down as a result of what the Humane Society and others thought was animal abuse of all the other pets in the store.
  4. CITES permits

    I truly believe that this is only the beginning of the end of a lot of species in the Amazon drainage system. These CITES permits are just the tip of the iceberg. There are now in the works over 40 dams scheduled to be built in this system and there are likely to be a lot more added over the coming years. The permits are issued for each individual species so as the list grows even if they maintain the $130 USD it starts to become very expensive for numerous types to be shipped in. If I were to order 10 pleco species at $130 USD each plus the current exchange rate plus GST it adds up quickly. This does not take into account that as the plecos become scarcer and harder to find the price may escalate to the point where only hard core collectors and breeders will be able to justify the cost. When you consider the number of species that are found only in the Xingu River that may go extinct or near extinction it becomes truly mind boggling.
  5. CITES permits

    I just received a notice from a Colombian supplier that from now on all stingrays must have CITES permits at a cost of $130 USD per shipment. It wouldn't surprise me to see other countries down there start to do the same thing. All of the suppliers just had a big conference and came away with many new twists in ordering which we will find out as we order. I also just received an email from a Brazilian supplier who advised all shipments are to be paid in full from now on or they won't ship. He also attended this conference. Plecos next on the CITES list?
  6. Tapajos River Dam Denied Licence

    If history is any guide then this will only be another example of mankinds blatant disregard for nature and the devastation we cause in the natural order of things. It is truly sad to think that in a few short years there is the very distinct possibility that we will no longer be able to find hundreds of species of fish and in particular plecos in the rivers they have thrived in for thousands of years.
  7. Request & Reply Line

    See them very infrequently but will keep my eyes open for you.
  8. Request & Reply Line

    Have some fry but still not a saleable size yet.
  9. Request & Reply Line

    I'll be getting a new stock list sometime next week and will let you know.
  10. Request & Reply Line

    Will take a look when I get a new stock list.
  11. Request & Reply Line

    Hi Craig: I'll check the flametail and fenastratus - males may be all gone or on hold. I can't get up this weekend but will try to line up a ride back with someone who is coming down for the Calgary auction Oct.2.
  12. Request & Reply Line

    Just about breeding size now so hopefully fry soon.
  13. Request & Reply Line

    I'll keep my eyes open for some males. Supplier doesn't have any right now.
  14. Fall Auction

    Thanks John.
  15. Has anyone heard when the Edmonton fall auction will be held. Calgary is Oct.2.