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  1. Rose Queen

    Sadly enough I may have to re home this guy already! He is at my office and due to growth (not a bad thing) I may have to take down the tank. This fish loves human interaction and I would not feel good putting him in my basement
  2. Rose Queen

    I have always been a sucker for the Red devil complex. Bad @$$ big head fish. Saw this guy trying to kill me at the store I had to take him home. Even if this fish is a hybrid it is still awesome in my books.
  3. A Few Of My Discus

    Those are crazy nice Discus. Wish I could keep them long term without something going sideways. Seems to go from perfect to hell in a real hurry
  4. I still cant' believe these fish. Get better every day. Sometimes red and always very blue when eating shrimp. Altums are pure awesome as they grow!
  5. Altums

    My Altums are growing up nice and pretty rare in the hobby so thought I would post some pics https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zhbko6ia01j46s9/AADTo57JIFyjVvyq_qiBDfQma?dl=0
  6. Breeding Wild Altum Angels

    Thanks! I will look for the article
  7. I have 8 2 year in captivity Altums. They are in with stingrays, and some Tiger Silver dollars in a 600 gallon tank. Lately I have a couple that have paired up. I have been advised that breeding these guys is going to be almost impossible and I essentially have no shot ..but hey I am up for the challenge. Aside from a second tank for the pair what else am I going to need? Any thoughts on tank size for a breeding pair (if I can manage to separate them) and what I am going to have to do to make this breeding happen?
  8. Stingrays

    Depends how much you want to spend! If you buy captive bred rays there is no difference in care. You will upgrade....trust me so if you can go for the gusto, do big water changes and get a big tank get what you want.
  9. Gill Curl Surgery

    I have done this on an arrowana a long time ago Use clove oil as follows to immobilize it and then get some good surgical scissors How to use clove oil: 1) prepare a solution of clove oil with ethanol (94%): 9 parts ethanol + 1 part clove oli. Keep this solution in a dark bottle, preferably also in the dark. Clove oil must be mixed with alcohol before use because it is insoluble in cold (<15°C) water. 2) use this solution to anaesthize your fish. If you do not have earlier experience with clove oil with the specific species, I would advise to start with the concentration of 40 mg/l. In practice this means that you add 2 ml of the solution into 5 l of water. You should be able to immobilize the fish within about 3 minutes. Here is the thread. http://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-126327.html
  10. This is a great thread. Lets get real people..... we put fish from the wild and put them in a box. We are all assholes.
  11. Does anyone know anyone here that can ship me a couple stingrays from there? Basically need someone to help the seller ship their rays for them to me. I will pay them for it obviously:D
  12. If you are building a custom tank don't put anything that requires a wire in there. You should talk to Lyder (Gumby) on the board and if you have the space don't settle as you will regret it
  13. I have a 500 gallon tank that I but thinking maybe of trying discus in. I have probably 30 rainbows in there so was wondering how they would do together.