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  1. Paintball Co2 Refill | Nw Calgary

    So I ended up driving to badlands paintball. For my 20oz tank it was about $6.50 to fill it. No Canadian Tire in the North ended up doing refills, unfortunately.
  2. Paintball Co2 Refill | Nw Calgary

    Will do!
  3. Paintball Co2 Refill | Nw Calgary

    Just called 3 other stores and they all said they don't... Might just have to make a trip down south
  4. Paintball Co2 Refill | Nw Calgary

    Weird. Maybe i'll try another canadian tire. The one I went to is across Northland, I even called back to double check.
  5. I got myself a 20oz paintball tank from Canadian tire, and they told me they don't refill it. Anyone know where I could refill it in NW Calgary? (NE works too)
  6. Concept Aquarium Freshwater?

    Coventry Hills Petland is also a good location for freshwater fish. Not as large of a selection as pisces, but the fish and reptiles manager there, Devin, is good with bringing in what we want.
  7. I'm looking for higher density ones. Something I can make use to make pre filter guards and things to just grow moss on. Interesting, I'll keep them in mind!
  8. Does anyone know where I can find T316 Stainless Steel mesh? I've checked home depot and they don't carry any (or so says the guy I talked to, not sure if he knew what I was looking for). I'm looking for larger sheets and preferably in Calgary. Don't really want to have to ship it to me.
  9. Aquarium Adventures!

    My biggest tip to anyone is patience. It took many many many tries to get a good clear shot of anything. I'm still experimenting with taking pictures of full tanks and their scapes. This will take some time as my main camera is currently being repaired, but for now I have my spare camera and my macro lens that will let me take some close ups of the livestock I have!
  10. Aquarium Adventures!

    One of my first tanks was a cherry shrimp tank. 2 months in, they were healthy and thriving! ___________________________________________________________________________​_______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________​_______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. I'm still relatively new to this hobby. I only started last December and have enjoyed every minute of it. I currently have 6 tanks set up and have been playing around with my camera to get some good shots. I guess this will simply be a thread to showcase some of my stuff! Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!
  12. Plant Id

    Interesting!! Honestly didn't know it was duckweed. I thought that the leaves were too thin. I think I prefer this stuff over salvinia just by how it looks. Thanks guys!
  13. Plant Id

    So recently, there's this floating plant that's been multiplying in one of my tanks. I like the look of it so I moved a handful to another one of my tanks. Does anyone know the name for this thing?
  14. Dry Start Journal

    I wanted to document my attempt at a dry start tank! Hope you like it, any feedback is always appreciated! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tank: DoAqua! 45-F; 45x24x16cm, 5mm Substrate: ADA Amazonia Aquasoil Lighting: x1 Fluval Mini Power Compact Fluorescent Light (13W); x1 Clip on lamp w/ 26W (6500k) light bulbs Filter: Eheim 2213 Heater: Fluval 100W heater __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ June 3, 2016 Dry starting monte carlo as a carpet. Got a little patch of staurogyne repens, as well as a little experiment with hygrophilia, ludwigia, alternanthera reneikii, and pogostemon helfri. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ June 22, 2016 I'm not too fond of the look of having that clip on lamp there, but i'm doing this tank on the budget side... Maybe i'll get another light somewhere own the line, but this should work for now! Everything is growing very well! Glad it's turning out well so far. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. Broken Eheim 2213 Impeller Shaft

    Interesting. Maybe they weren't too careful. They do seem pretty solid, just assumed they were easy to break from what was left! I got a new shaft from bigal's since the bushings were also missing and $13 was fine. Thanks guys!