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  1. Took some updated photos of my Lab.caeruleus Ruarwe colony yesterday. The dominant male was showing off to two of his ladies who are both gravid and ready to spawn. These guys were breeding like clockwork for quite a while but haven't spawned in a while. I did a 50% water change and increased the feedings and they're back at it again. I've raised a few spawns from them and the juveniles are growing out with the rest of the colony now. Extra males will be taken out as they reach maturity. Differences from Lion's Cove: -no blue iridescence in the caudal fin -the anal fin is yellow instead of white -blue metallic band in the dorsal fin -thinner black banding in dorsal fin -overall colour is bright orange with no white bellies
  2. Group Of Corydoras Sterbai

    Awesome! Eventually I'd like to be able to be self-sufficient with a red wriggler culture, white worm culture, and a blackworm culture. But that won't be for a while, still convincing the girlfriend that they can't get out. lol
  3. Collecting Wild White Worms?

    Ya! Now I just need to find some wild microworms, blackworms, and mysis shrimp. lol
  4. Group Of Corydoras Sterbai

    Got a group of 10 young Corydoras sterbai last week to get a breeding group going. Took them a couple days to start eating and now they're little gobble monsters. Thankfully I was able to dig up some earthworms and chop them up fine so they could fit them in their little mouths. That got them going and now I have them on chopped earthworm and flake. I snapped a few pics of them tonight. Should be a few months before they start spawning but already they're looking good. Can't believe how active they are! They're in a species tank with sand and small stones from a local mountain stream.
  5. Collecting Wild White Worms?

    So I found out they are the same species. I found a concentration of worms sandwiched between two pieces of plywood with grass clippings between. I picked out a bunch and setup a culture.
  6. So I found some "White Worms" under some logs in my wood pile and I'm thinking they're very similar to the ones we keep to use for live foods. I was searching for small earthworms to chop up to feed my Corydoras sterbai and found a bunch of these 3/4-1.25 inch long white worms in amongst the moist soil. They look identical to white worms and I'm curious if these are in fact the same!? I put about 2 dozen of the worms into a small plastic container and set it up like I would normally setup a white worm culture. I placed a small piece of bread in with them and it looked like a clump of eggs was laid under the bread. I just removed the bread and replaced it with some fish food. I haven't seen the worms feeding on the bread or fish food so I'm not sure if these will survive or not. I live in the mountains so access to any starter live food cultures is a problem. Anyone have any insight on this? Nick I'll try to take some pictures of them.
  7. Request & Reply Line

    Thanks Harold!
  8. Request & Reply Line

    On-going have been looking for: Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor victoriae (Dwarf Egyptian Mouthbrooders) Synodontis schoutedeni (Yellow Marbled Synos) Pundamilia nyererei "Makobe Island" (males) Thanks, Nick
  9. Request & Reply Line

    Hey Harold, I picked up a bunch of Pundamilia nyererei Makobe Island and was wondering if you had any males available? I have 12 girls and no boys. What're the odds of that eh? Haha
  10. Labidochromis Caeruleus "ruarwe" (Yellow Labs)

    Looks like a great looking Yellow Lab. The biggest thing is black in the fins and solid yellow colour throughout the body. Hybrids will have a different shaped mouth (not the pointed mouth) and won't have the solid black in the fins. Some will also have faint barring in the body. Yours looks like a beauty!
  11. Pics From The Arctic (Fish Pics)

    Nothing like it. =) Truly wild and untouched up there.
  12. Member's fish lists

    3m 3f Labidochromis caeruleus "Ruarwe" (Orange Labs) - currently breeding with 16 fry growing out 12 juv F1 Pundamilia nyererei "Makobe Island" (Super Reds) - growing out 13 juv Pseudotropheus acei "Yellow-tail" (Msuli or Luwala) - growing out 3m 1f Synodontis multipunctatus "Burundi" (Cuckoo Catfish) - female is separated at the moment
  13. Any Tanganyikan Breeders In Edmonton?

    I've known Spencer a long time. Great guy and his fish are awesome. Have bought fish from him for years.
  14. Any Tanganyikan Breeders In Edmonton?

    Check out Spencer Jack's list. He always has a pretty good selection of Tanganyikans. Shipping is very reasonable and fast to major airports as well. www.cichlaholic.com/lists.html