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  1. Red Tiger Lotus Flower?

    It grew another couple more centimeters over the past 24 hours and is very close to the top of the water. Will post a pic when it/if it opens. David
  2. Red Tiger Lotus Flower?

    Specs: 20 gallon long Nat geo 30.5 inch led light(7 hours per day) seachem flourite substrate seachem line of additives (6 days a week using the tlar method)supplimented with guppy dung. co2 ista 1 litre and fluval diffuser 1bbl/3sec filtered with fluval 206 50 watt heater 25 degrees c fluval skimmer
  3. Red Tiger Lotus Flower?

    This asparagus looking stem started shooting up off of my RTL this week I am guessing it is a flower.
  4. Hello From Calgary.

    Welcome and Stonecali and Cheryl.
  5. Need Help With Identification Of Fish

    White knight/red top zebra mix is my amateur guess. David
  6. Black Brush Algae And How To Fight It

    Are some of the plants in the photos turning clear?
  7. Black Brush Algae And How To Fight It

    Try removing things like the plastic filter bits scrub them clean and bathe them in peroxide.Can the plant(anubias?) be removed from the water? If so take it out of the water and mist the affected area with peroxide too. Has this shown up recently, I remember a previous post about exel, Has this algae shown up after a change in youre maintenance routine?
  8. Black Brush Algae And How To Fight It

    Do you have pictures of the tank Bradly?
  9. Hello I'm From Edmonton

  10. Using Excel

    Sounds like the amount you are adding is not a whole lot. Plants will grow slower and you may have a little more algae show up in the tank. I think the vals will grow back in time. Others may know more than i though. David
  11. Ferrous Gluconate Dihydrate

    https://www1.shoppersdrugmart.ca/en/search?intelliinterface=1&intellisession=880af9cb-92e7-11e6-a331-ade2d7e8dd96&query=ferrous+gluconate+dihydrate probably not what you are looking for but just trying to help
  12. Potassium Test Kit

    I use the nutrifin master test kit(overkill as i do not need all the tests).I used the kit and saved my plants especially the ludwigia repens from low iron in my tank. Do not own any other test kits. https://usa.hagen.com/Aquatic/Watercare/Test-Kits/A7860
  13. Collecting Wild White Worms?

    Good score NL. Nature provides.