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  1. Bow front not braced

    I have a 72 gallon bow front that the plastic brace broke. I don't plan on running the tank more then 1/2 full of water as I want sone plant growth from the top. My question is should I still brace it?
  2. Molded stone siding

    I have been wondering if the molded brick/stone siding would be ok to use as a back ground in a aquarium. As far as I know its inert and similar to the great stuff foam when it drys. Has anyone ever used it in a tank? Looking for some feed back.
  3. Hood plans?

    I haven't been on the site in years. We just got back from BC and I thought I would check it out again. Not sure why it is so quiet and "dead" I always thought we had quite the active community in Calgary. I am not sure yet what I want to keep. I definitely want to go with a planted tank, years ago I had a 90 galon with 2 halogen pendent lights over it that grew plants like crazy. I was just hoping to see some plans to gather ideas for the time being. Luke
  4. Boreal scorpion

    I spotted these articles. Was hoping for personal keeping experiences. I did find some more info on Arachnid forum.
  5. Boreal scorpion

    Not sure if this is the spot too post this. Please remove if not allowed. I can'remember what I was watching today but the topic of scorpions in drumheller. What kind is scorpions are they and does anyone have any habitat or any komd of info on them. I did a google search and very little came up.
  6. Hood plans?

    Does anyone have any plans for hoods they may be using or any sites that be worth checking out?
  7. New to site

    Just wanted to say hi. I am not new to the Calgary community. But have been away for a few years. Will be joining the CAS in the next few weeks again, and looking forward to talking with some old members here. Luke
  8. 10 Watt Diy Led For Pico 4G Reef

    Hi. I am new to the sight. Not new to fish keeping. Always wanted to try the custom LED lighting. Could you throw up some more pictures of your wiring and lighting set up? Also wanted to see if you could link to where you got the the LED's. I will be setting up a small fresh wate planted tank in the next month or so. Was thinking of building a custom light hood. Thanks L