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  1. Fish recommendations

    Also, what are your thoughts on blue Rams (electric or German) or Dwarf Gourami? Thanks
  2. Fish recommendations

    About 50-60% of the substrate is covered by plants. Thanks for the ideas. Those orange Lazer corys are cool looking. I have never kept angels, I'll look more into them.
  3. Fish recommendations

    I have a 30 gallon (36" long) tank with plants and currently 12x Cardinal Tetra. What would be some recommendations for other fish. I am thinking a half dozen corydoras and maybe a feature fish or two. Thanks!
  4. Hair Algae?

    I recently cycled a tank and now have an outbreak of some sort of algae. It might be hair algae, but it is mostly white. You can see it the most easily if you look at the rock in the picture. None of my other tanks have experienced this so I am not sure why or how to manage it. Many of the pearl weed plants have it too. My lighting is on a timer for 5 hours a day, and I had no issues during the cycle. It seemed to happen overnight. Since i noticed it I have been dosing Excel as per bottle daily. Anyone have experience with this and have any pointers? Thanks.
  5. CPD Food

    I bought some frozen Daphnia and they love it. It floats throughout the water column perfectly Thanks for the advice.
  6. CPD Food

    The frozen foods sound good. Since I have never used them before, are they easy to section into small servings?
  7. Nano fish that wont hide

    Good advice. Know anyone in Edmonton that sells the Endless? I'd like to take a look at them.
  8. CPD Food

    I find the pellets drop too fast and my fish won't eat them off the substrate. Maybe I should turn my filter off during feeding?
  9. Nano fish that wont hide

    Cardinals are a good idea. They get quite a bit larger though don't they? How many would you recommend for the 5 gallon? Thanks
  10. CPD Food

    I am currently feeding my CPDs crushed flake food. Can anyone recommend another food type to help vary the diet and make them feel more comfortable in the tank? Thanks
  11. Hi Everyone, I have a fairly heavily planted 15 gallon tank with 10 CPD and 10 Cherry shrimp. The CPD rush and hide with any movement (which is constant with kids...). I just finished cycling a little 5 gallon Iwagumi tank and want something more active and less shy. I am debating between Neon Tetras and Harlequin or Porkchop Rasboras. Does anyone have any recommendations between the two? Thanks!