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  1. What's Everyone Using For Substrate

    Thank you. I guess I'll make any changes if I go to more specific species in the future.
  2. What's Everyone Using For Substrate

    I know everyone likes to use more fine substrate, but I have a ton of small gravel that I used to use ~10 years ago and had no issues growing plants (no fertilizers, no tabs). Just wondering if that would be reasonable to continue to use as I start up again as I still have it and combine it with fertilizers and tabs?
  3. Hello from Edmonton

    Hi there, it's been a while since I had tanks up and running. Previously had a 5g, 20g, and 33g running as low light planted tanks with a variety of tropical fish, including breeding some Betta's at that time. Planning on inching back in with a focus on Acquascpe on one tank to start with some Cherry Shrimp. Just need to get the tank up and cycled! Just found the forum and excited to see what knowledge awaits.