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  1. 150G Planted

    Very nice
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    2 Rainbow shark (1 albino, 1 not) 2 Bala Shark 4 Albino tetra 1 Twig catfish 6 Khuli loach 1 yo yo loach 9 guppy 5 female 4 male and fry 5 Platy 3 female 2 male and fry 6 ghost shrimp 2 Fire shrimp 1 dwarf clawed frog 2 African clawed frog and tadpoles 3 blue lobster 6 Axolotl's and snails
  3. For the kids

    Greetings all... im just getting back into things after about a decade away. Currently have axolotl's, African clawed frogs, crayfish plus more. Formerly from Edmonton moved to Calgary a few years back. I saw mention of tThe Koi earlier, I lived 2 minutes away for a decade or so, it was always a favourite of mine even before I moved into the neighbourhood. Got back into it again for the grandkids. The oldest loves to help and name everything. The 2 youngest will sit with me and just watch them swim around. We've got tadpoles and fry to raise and it's been pretty exciting for everyone. Look forward to sharing stories and advice. Have a great night