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  1. Hello From Edmonton

    wow, Thanks for the information. Big Als is one of the only ones i haven't checked out. Went to Oasis Fish and Reptile and was very impressed out how healthy the fish were.
  2. Hello From Edmonton

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Size wise i would love to run up to 150 g and have the room all depends on what stands i can find. Would love to do a planted tank but i think that will be in the future and i will probably start with a 65g for that. seems to be quite the challenge to balance the needs of fish and plants. that being said I'm defiantly up to it Do you have a preference on pet stores in Edmonton i think i have been to just about all of them in the last month. As you say very hit and miss on the types of fish available. even equipment seems to be tough. glad to hear there is an opportunity to find quality fish locally or through online ordering.
  3. Fluval FX6 Flow?

    Has the Fx6 turned out to be worth the price. Am in the process of buying a large canister and can't find anyone who docent like it.
  4. Betta's And What Other Breeds?

    Curious, What did you end up trying with your Beta's ?
  5. Hello From Edmonton

    Hello, Just starting out again running aquaruiums used to run small tanks Up to 30 g a number of years ago but due to work and life had to give it up. Recently restarted with a nice Beta tank just a 10 g for now. I am in the process of choosing my first big tank. Have spent the last few months researching and going out to see all the different fish available, wow what a selection last time i had a tank i was in northern Alberta and didn't have a lot of options. We have decided to run a Cichlid tank leaning towards the peacocks. So many beautiful varities just finalizing how big of tank to go and then it begins. Kevin