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  1. Hot Power Supply

    Thanks. Hadn’t thought to use 3M hooks. Good idea.
  2. Hot Power Supply

    Hi Everyone, I have just set up my first aquarium over the weekend and all is good so far, but I am on a big learning curve despite all the research I did before getting started. Looking for some advice on the following: 1. The power supply box for my light gets really hot when the lights are on their daytime setting. Is this normal, how hot is too hot? The unit stays warm, but I would not call it hot, when the lights are in the nighttime mode. I set it up on a brick behind my aquarium stand because I'm a bit worried about the heat. 2. Somewhat related to the above. Where do you put all those plugs-in and cables? Do they all hang behind your cabinet or is it safe to bring them inside the cabinet where the canister filter sits and put a power bar inside the cabinet? These are basic questions but not well answered anywhere I have read.
  3. Ficus leaves

    I'm also curious about leaves...are there any leaves from local trees, like poplar, that can be used if dried.
  4. Hot Power Supply

    The unit certainly gets hot, by my definition, but without having anything to compare to it is hard to judge. Cables do not have any warmth in them so that seems to be okay. Will check with the store or manufacturer just to be sure. Thanks for the tips.
  5. Hot Power Supply

    Yes it is a brand new unit. Thanks for the tips. I will watch for warm cables and decide if the adapter is too hot.
  6. I'm just planning my first aquarium and am mostly interested in plants that will attach to rocks or driftwood. Other than Anubias and Java moss that I have read about, any other suggestions.
  7. Ideas for plants on rocks or driftwood

    All your info is much appreciated. I've quickly learned there is lots to know in this hobby and getting it right the first time makes things much more enjoyable...and that everyone has different ideas. I'll look at trying the root tabs you mentioned for my plants rooted in fine gravel. And yes, it is very small <2mm. There was good selection at a store in Calgary if you are willing to pay the pet store price.
  8. Ideas for plants on rocks or driftwood

    Can the plants you suggested be planted in a fine gravel substrate or do they need a proper plant substrate/soil? I wasn't planning to use plant growing substrate, maybe I should?
  9. Softened Water

    Hi everyone, I am just setting up my first tank and have a question that seems really basic but haven't found a good answer in my research. All the taps in my house have water softened by the system in our basement. The cold water tap in the kitchen is the only unsoften source of water. Does it matter if I use softened water or should I look to use the water as is arrives from the City (SE Calgary).
  10. Softened Water

    Thanks for the info. I will be having plants so good to know my water softener may actually help and it's not a cichlid tank. Will start testing pH as soon as I get everything set up and then make some decisions from there.
  11. New Aquarist Hello

    Hello everyone, I am new to the hobby and just setting up my first aquarium so I will be posting around the forum for some ideas. 30 gal tank, fine gravel substrate, with drift wood and rocks. Planning to put some live plants that will root on rocks and wood. Still undecided on fish but thinking some sort of small tetra school and maybe something else. Interested in your ideas.