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  1. Hello My community tank has a callmanus worm outbreak, which will be treated with Levamisole hydrochloride. Info is scant on how Levamisole affects snails. I've found info saying that rams and pond snails will survive and that MTS won't. I have rabbit snails and nerite snails. Does anyone have lived experience on the impact of Levamisole on rabbit and nerite snails? If I separate them for the treatment and then return them to the tank, I am afraid that they will re-introduce the Callamanus. Charles Harrison, the 'guru' of this treatment will only say "Snails are at a disadvantage." This does not help me much with what to do... Thank you!
  2. I'll assume that if I stay positive and don't cause problems with other member and don't bash vendors, that I'll probably be alright. Thanks Jack.
  3. Hello I'm fairly new to the group. Just wondering if I really need to read all 139 topics in the Staff Announcements section? I'm doubting that I do need to, however I would think that some are important to be familiar with. Please advise. Thank you! Lorna
  4. Hello

    Hello. I'm new to this addictive hobby with it's sometimes very steep learning curves. Started off last spring with 2 community tanks. Then added a 10 G shrimp tank and another tank on the kitchen counter for a few endlers and a pretty blue crayfish (Marmorkreb-that I quite adore when she's not hiding with her berries). Recently got an established shrimp tank for my bday (which has been giving me some trouble; the tank, not so much the birthday). Split up the endlers by gender. Now at 6 tanks, 28 G and under...so far. There are some really lovely people in this community. Looking forward to learning and meeting more of you! Lorna in YYC