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  1. Mid zone plants

    What are good plants to have midzone? I have a low tech non CO2 medium light tank so no plants that are too needy!
  2. Hello!

    Hi Tina!!!
  3. Hello!

    Hi! I’m brand new to this forum and haven’t been on any forums other than Facebook so forgive me if I err. I’m pretty new to fish keeping- started roughly a year ago. I have two tanks- a 16 gallon and a 55. Both are community tanks. Hope to learn more here!
  4. Hello!

    Hi I’m in Calgary! I don’t really know how to use this forum tho lol. Can I tag people when responding like in Facebook? How do I know if people have answered my posts other than remembering what I’ve posted and checking back?
  5. Ah thank you! This will be my third post so hopefully I’ll see the buy sell! I’m looking to get a few more cardinals and I hate buying from the pet stores because someone always seems to be sick.
  6. Does anyone know anything about the fluval aquasky led? Was wondering if it would work for a low tech planted tank?