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  1. Tank Mates For Blue Dolphin Cichlids

    I did yellow labs and blue dolphins. For the dolphins you could do a male and two or three females although I find them hard to sex.
  2. Hello from Calgary

    Good to have you on board. I have belonged for years. Site not as busy as it used to be. Maybe people have gone over to the dark side (Facebook).
  3. Anything happening on the Saturday?
  4. Western Canadian Fish Stores

    I live in Calgary and buy most of my fish and supplies from Gold Aquarium over the last 15 years. I have used The aFISHionados (Spencer Jack) in Winnipeg three times to have fish flown in to Calgary with good results. He carries cichlids I want which I often cannot find elsewhere. I have bought dry food on-line a couple of times.
  5. Mixing Little Tropheus?

    I would think it would be fine but if you are in doubt just put one or two in for a couple days and see what happens.
  6. Cas Fall Auction October 2

    If one was bringing 3/4 inch jade-eye cichlid juveniles, how many per bag to avoid overcrowding?
  7. Ideal Tropheus Diet?

    I don't have tropheus now but I have had them a couple of times. I used NLS exclusively with great results. On the subject of NorthFin I tried it this spring on my African cichlids and I have not noticed a difference for the better nor for the worse so I am now using a combination of it and NLS.
  8. Hikari First Bites.

    I crush 1 mm NLS and Northfin with a rolling pin in a Ziploc bag.
  9. Did not go to the auction today but went Saturday and found the presentations well done and of interest. I thought there would have been more people there on Saturday.
  10. Concept Aquariums?

    I had some glass cut there last month. Their NLS and NorthFin were reasonably priced for the size of the containers. They were working on construction for space for the extra tanks at the time so I did not see new livestock.
  11. Can we get more info about what is happening on the 12th?
  12. Any Tanganyikan Breeders In Edmonton?

    I ordered Cps, Frontosas, and Enantiopus kilesa (sand sifters) from Spencer last month. That is the third time I have dealt with him. Might be awhile before I have cyp and kilea fry so don't wait for me! Hoping I might get some breeding from the mature frontosas by summer.
  13. Where For Aqua Clear 110 Filter In Calgary?

    I did go to Petland with an old no name type small hang-on-back filter. They credited me the equivalent for an AquaClear of the same size and then I paid the difference to move up to an AC110. I see AquaClears are 20% OFF at Petland at the moment so they likely would have been the best price in Calgary anyways this week.
  14. Where To Get Glass Tops (Calgary)?

    I went to Concept this evening. cost me $18 for a 14 x 22 inch. I felt it was reasonable and best of all, I did not have to come back for it. They did it on the spot. It is not too convenient to where I live but I was up in that part of town anyways so it all worked out. I also noticed that their New Life Spectrum was cheaper than pretty much anywhere in Calgary.
  15. I have not needed an AC in some time. Now I do. Gold Aquarium used to be the cheapest price. Would that still be the case for an Aqua Clear 110?