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  1. Hi. Just wondering if there was a place in Red Deer that sells NLS, preferably in the large pellets. Nevermind... found some Thanks Fred
  2. i will give u 5 for them, call me at 403-346-0544 thanks den

  3. We have already lost waaay to many hobbiests due to suspensions... Maybe, it's more important to worry about the hobbyists that either quit posting or quit the site altogether, than the few that happen to be suspended as a result of their actions.
  4. Make a new section and call it say.... Foods and Nutrition and then all discussions (read arguments) can go in one location. Also, make it a rule that any hijacking of threads whether it's by unnecessary comments in the buy/sell section or taking a photo thread and turning it into an argument (I can't in any stretch of the imagination call it a discussion) be against the rules and stop all the bad vibes. While your at it... maybe make another rule that any PERSONAL verbal attack on another member be punished by a suspension of site privileges and enforce it (no matter the status or position of the offending person). I've seen the same discussion/name calling take over any number of threads in the last few years with the same arguments brought up. If these were put into it's own section, maybe then the pros and cons of different foods could be discussed in an intelligent manner and a reader could look at the different viewpoints and form their own opinion as to what is best for their fish. Personally, I fed my fish mainly NLS, but, if someone else figures beefheart is best, then more power to them. I have also found studies that suggest that beefheart might have some benefits, so an intelligent discussion of the facts in the proper place might help more people. just my 3 cents.
  5. Keeping An Empty Tank's Bacteria Going

    Why not drain the tank, take the filter and put it on the same tank as the fish?
  6. Hello from red deer

  7. H.Armatus UPDATE! New update!

    Looking good. How big are they now?
  8. growing to size of tank?

    Does not stop african cichlids... Wouldn't stop people either.
  9. Hydrolycus Armatus.

    Nice fish. How big did they end up being?
  10. 500 gallon ( the build with lots of pictures )

    I was looking for the specs on the bolts as I would like to incorperate this idea into a future project but I didn't find the specs for load bearing strength in the link . It just tells you how much better Gr 8 bolts are than normal bolts and what they are made of. I just want to see what the thread tension strength is so I know how many to add to my project stand. http://dodgeram.org/tech/specs/bolts/SAE_bolt_strength.html
  11. peat for black piranha

    I've used Keta-Peat Nuggets with my reds, but I was using for the blackwater more to induce them to breed. I'm not sure that it really done much other than darken the water as I never bothered to check ph levels.
  12. orange spot motoro stingrays

    That's sort of what I thought. He's calling them a mated pair and I didn't think they would be mature enough at that age to pair off.
  13. First off, would they be sexually mature enough at 6-7" disks to be considered a mated pair? Also, I'm assuming since they are supposed to reach around 18 inches that a 2' by 6' 180 gal tank would be no where near large enough for them in the long term. Thanks
  14. I've ordered online both from Nature's Corner and Big Al's. Prices were good in both cases and delivery was to my door in a couple of days.
  15. hello from edmonton