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Found 9 results

  1. Betta help??

    Hi there, yesterday around 11:30am, I noticed that my betta's tank was tipped over and all of the water was out. I went searching and found him, almost dead, and put him in a measuring cup of water with some water conditioner that helps with stress and restores their slime. We have no idea how long he was out of the water for. Today, I cleaned his tank (and gravel and tree) and put same temperature water in the tank. After putting him back, he seemed to be very stressed, so added a bit more of the water conditioner. He was laying at the bottom, lopsided. After reading some other posts about betta's being at the top of their tank and since he wasn't using his fins to swim to the top, I stuck a finger into his tank and guided him to the top where he blew some bubbles. After this, he seemed to be swimming a bit better and is able to float in the water near the top. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what to do? UPDATE: He passed away this morning.
  2. Hi from Brooks

    Hi All I'm a relative beginner to keeping fish. I set up a small 5 gallon Betta tank a few months ago and enjoyed it. Shortly after that my dad gave me his old 36 Gallon bow front that I am just now starting to stock. The cave structure I made myself from some natural slate tiles. So far I've stocked with a few Cherry Barbs and just added some Panda Corys. I'm looking forward to finishing stocking the tank over the next while.
  3. Betta Noob Here

    Hello all, not new too hobby at all but I never attempted to keep a betta fish ever and now.....kid kinda asking for one for her birthday and i am totally unsure of minimal requirements for said fish. can't trust interwebs at all as info is all over the place contradicting each other so I'll ask some pros (thats you guys) I am a kinda go BIG or don't do it at all guy. Kid will be taught the best fish keeping skills i know. (water changes ect will be dealt with or fish gets added to my collection) So basic questions are... Tank size: minimal or max too.... for a single betta and few possible tank mates(small tetras)(ottos)(if applicable) filter: sponge? HOB? circalation pump? air stones? gravel/sand best (color) lighting? decor? heater? temp required Not new but only want what is best for fish. And I know there are a few bettaholics out there
  4. Old Blue..

    Old blue betta, I hardly got to know you. You belonged to the boy, but you were extremely gentle and always entertaining to watch. He owned you for two years and you brought him a happiness that will never be matched.. You will be missed. Rest in peace, old friend.
  5. So, After my filter on my ebi went sideways I decided to start again! My husband bought a Mr.Aqua 12 gallon long in San Diego It lasted in our house about 3 minutes before I jacked it for my new project. I aquascaped this tank using only bits and pieces lying around the house. I multipurposed it by moving all of my husbands (blink) cherry shrimp out of his 30 gallon when he changed into the Solana. I decided to go with a soft semi blackwater biotope to make my little fishies happy. Equipment: 3 bags of black sand substrate 8 peices of random driftwood 1 piece of mopani aquaclear 30 12 gallon long random heater. 2 large blue LED strips I had left over from a previous project Desk lamp. My goal with lighting is to drill 3 spotlights underneath the counter where it's housed. My goal for filtration is to drill a hole in the counter and run all the electrical and my canister filter down into under the counter. This isn't a journal because I have already finished my project except for those 2 things. Stock list: 15 red microraspbora boraras maculatus 6 microrasbora kubotai (neon green/yellow rasboras) 3 Garra flavatra (Panda Garra) 70 Neocaridina heteropoda (Cherry shrimp) 2 Caridina multidentata (Amano shrimps) 1.1 Betta Splendens crowntail random crypt and sword plants and some subwassertang that mysteriously appeared one day. The Bettas do not eat the shrimp. Here is a link to the flickr to keep me from adding 2 gazillion photos Thoughts,Suggestions, extra microrasboras welcome.
  6. 75 Gallon Rookie With Questions

    Howdy folks. I'm new to the forum and the whole fish-keeping scene. I recently came into possession of a 75 gallon aquarium with all the goods (ie: grow-lights, filter, heater, etc). My plan is to create a diverse and active biosphere that hosts a number of different species without getting overstocked. At present I've got these guys all living with each other in peace. Once in a while the knife fish and crayfish joust for a dark place, but the tank has multiple locations for them to hide. 7 leopard danios 4 otoclinus 3 ameca splendens (not my favorite - came with the tank) 1 ghost knife fish 1 dwarf crayfish 1 betta 6 zebra nerite snails 3 zebra thorn snails I'd like to get a few more danios (12 total), and possibly some red cherry shrimp. Does anyone see any major problems? I am aware that the shrimp could become snacks for the other fish, but I think there will be enough places for them to hide in the aquascape I'm creating. I'm holding off on the shrimp for a couple more weeks. I'm also really wanting to figure out freshwater plants. I'd like to get some kind of tall or floating plants that do well with strong light - suggestions? I'd love any insights you can offer. Thanks!
  7. I recently got a digital SLR camera for christmas, and after practising on plants, the dog and my daughter, I decided to try photographing my bettas. I love photography and I have a major weak spot for Bettas. The first picture is of my latest addition that I picked up when I was in town purchasing water conditioner. He's a beautiful double ray crowntail. The second is of my most agressive betta. The third is my most relaxed betta. I have one more, but he hid in his log and wouldn't come out. I want to photograph more fish... It is a fun challenge. :boxer:
  8. Hello members of the Alberta Aquatica, Here is a link to a live feed to the tank. http://justin.tv/mahawka I am fairly new to this forum so please forgive me if I violate any rules. I am working on mating two of my betta fish. The male is a double tail blue/ mustards gas, and the female is a purple/ red plakat. I am using a 10 gallon tank that is about half full. The water temperature is at 83 degrees. I have found that that temperature works the best for me. A Styrofoam cup that has been cut in half is used for a place for the male to blow a bubble nest. Also a corner filer on minimum flow to keep the tank clean. Both of the fish were conditioned for a week on an alternating diet of worms, pellets, and live brine shrimp. I will try to do daily updates to the spawn log to keep you guys in the loop. With any luck I will have a few shots of them actually mating. So any way here it goes. Day 1. (Dec10) Introducing Both fish are moved from the conditioning tank into the breeding tank. The female that Is named Molly is showing extreme interest towards Mustard (name Male betta). Molly is showing very visible vertical bars and also dancing/ flaring in front of Mustard. Mustard is also showing interest in Molly by swimming from the Styrofoam cup to Molly Day2. (Dec 11) Bubble nest When I checked the tank this morning Mustard started a bubble nest under the Styrofoam. The pair still show strong interest towards each other.
  9. Where To Buy Bettas

    Hi everyone, I'm sorry if this has been asked a million times. I'm new to these forums and I'm curious as to where people buy HM Bettas in Edmonton. I recently purchased one from BigAl's ... is that the only place? Are there no breeders? Should I try to import one from Thailand (or is this insane)? How much does this usually cost? Any websites recommended? Thanks for any help that you may be able to provide! Edit: You know, now that I'm thinking about it more.. I guess I'm looking for a local breeder... are there anymore around?