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Found 2 results

  1. Hello from Calgary

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and just looking to learn a bit and maybe meet some fellow aquarist enthusiasts. Currently I have 2x 30gal tanks but am looking to upgrade to a 120-150 tank. Right now I have some black mollies, guppies, clown loaches, koolie loaches and a dragon pleco (also pond snails, ramshorn snails, and a bunch of amano shrimp). I'm hoping to find some senegal bichirs sometime soon (I used to keep one that was ferocious!) but haven't had any luck so far.
  2. Well folks the fish room is slowly shaping up here at the new place. Naturally it was the first room to get setup! So I am on the hunt for tanks, filters and other goodies etc! Here is some of the livestock so far