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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I am wanting to give saltwater a try. Just wondering if there is anyone on here with SW tanks that may have some things I'm looking for. Plans are 30-40G with 15G sump. In no rush to add a bunch of living things but would like to get something full of water and cycling for months first. I will be upgrading my current 15G pleco/tetra tank to a 30G very soon and will then have the old 15G to use as a sump. I'm huge on DIY and doing things for as cheap as possible without hot glue and duct tape Some current general info on SW would be great. cheapest salt, best dry rock, I will want to seed the tank with Coralline algea/Copepods/Chaetomorpha in sump if anyone has this stuff in there tank. Thanks
  2. I am stating to plan out my 230G rebuild and am wondering where i can find very large pieces of driftwood, 2-3 feet long about a foot wide and preferably with branches. Looking online i haven't been able to find a suitable supplier with what i am imagining in my head and I've read online its possible to find your own and make it aquarium safe (takes quite a bit of time to accomplish this though). Wondering if any one out there has retailer suggestions or has gathered their own wood for aquarium purposes. Thanks!
  3. For anyone who uses CO2 cylinders (not the paintball cans) where are you going to get refills? I thought it would be good for people to list the name of the place they are going, address, and cost for refill (approx.). This will give a good resource for people who want to find someplace close to where they live to go refill. I am currently refilling my cylinders at: "The Recharge Center" 5622 Burleigh Crescent SE, Calgary, AB (403) 258-1141 http://rechargecentre.com/ - for my 10lb tank they are charging $40 for an on the spot fill (not sure the price if you leave it with them and pick it up in a few days) While they have good service, it is a pain for me to get down to that location. I live downtown and I work in the northeast. Does anyone know of a place that fills cylinders that would be a shorter drive from downtown or that I can do right after work in the NE? I have made calls before around and many of them say they don't do refills for small tanks, just large industrial ones or they only deliver and swap out empties for companies.
  4. Flagfish

    Hey trying a long shot anyone got flagfish I need some at least 6.
  5. Another Yyc Member

    Hi gang, New here and wanted to introduce myself. I was referred here by Shrimp Chick who I just met the other night, when I purchased some lighting from her hubby off Kijiji. I joined the freshwater aquarium hobby about a year ago now when I moved to Calgary after 20 years in Banff. I purchased a 20 gallon tank from Kijiji and have learned a lot of lessons. You can read about it hear if you're interested: http://www.myaquariumclub.com/robwhughes/blog/ I've been reading, researching and watching Youtube vids (I'm a fan of Dustin's Fishtanks as well), 'soaking' up as much as I can. I'm primarily interested in freshwater aquascapes and planted tanks. I'm now planning an upgrade to a much larger tank (55 - 75 gallon, don't think the wife will go for a 120) which will feature a more advanced aquascape. I'm very excited to get started but for now I'm slowly purchasing items from a long checklist to distribute budget over several months in order to make it a little more affordable. Hoping to make it out to the Calgary Aquatic Society next Tuesday for the first time. In the meantime, I look forward to meeting others here and learning from you. All the best, Rob Hughes Calgary, AB PS. Feel free to follow me on Instagram as well, I've met many aquarists here recently too. http://instagram.com/robwhughes
  6. Shrimp Varieties Fs/ft In Calgary?

    Hey folks. Long time no posting. I'm curious about the various types of shrimp we have around Calgary. I've been in search of macros but I can't seem to track them down often, and I always seem to miss when Big Al's brings in other unique types; i.e. skunk shrimp, etc. Please post the shrimp varieties you have and if you are open to FS or FT. Thanks!
  7. Beginner In Yyc

    Hello everyone. I found this site from another local forum. I have a Christmas bonus coming up and I've been wanting to get an aquarium for a while. This seems like a great resource and I can't wait to get up and running and post a shot or two. For a beginner, there is just a ton of information to sort through. I'm thinking 10 gallon to start, some more odd looking fish, a scull or something funky on the bottom, no real plants. Freshwater is easier right? Would it be best for me to go into a place like Big Al's and just have them fill my shopping cart for me? :eh:
  8. Anyone know where I can find 6500K CFL bulbs (roughly 23w) in Calgary or online? "Daylight" seems to refer to anything about 5000K but they rarely specify the exact color temp. Thanks!
  9. Pond Liner Glue

    So anyone know where to buy some that doesn't cost an arm and leg.We just finished building our woodcedar waterfall and need to piece and glue 3 tiers and basins.
  10. Blacksand

    Any place in Calgary too buy some that won't cost an arm & leg.
  11. Hello members of the Alberta Aquatica, Here is a link to a live feed to the tank. http://justin.tv/mahawka I am fairly new to this forum so please forgive me if I violate any rules. I am working on mating two of my betta fish. The male is a double tail blue/ mustards gas, and the female is a purple/ red plakat. I am using a 10 gallon tank that is about half full. The water temperature is at 83 degrees. I have found that that temperature works the best for me. A Styrofoam cup that has been cut in half is used for a place for the male to blow a bubble nest. Also a corner filer on minimum flow to keep the tank clean. Both of the fish were conditioned for a week on an alternating diet of worms, pellets, and live brine shrimp. I will try to do daily updates to the spawn log to keep you guys in the loop. With any luck I will have a few shots of them actually mating. So any way here it goes. Day 1. (Dec10) Introducing Both fish are moved from the conditioning tank into the breeding tank. The female that Is named Molly is showing extreme interest towards Mustard (name Male betta). Molly is showing very visible vertical bars and also dancing/ flaring in front of Mustard. Mustard is also showing interest in Molly by swimming from the Styrofoam cup to Molly Day2. (Dec 11) Bubble nest When I checked the tank this morning Mustard started a bubble nest under the Styrofoam. The pair still show strong interest towards each other.
  12. Hi all, So I took the plunge and got a decent deal on a used compressed CO2 system for my tanks. First order of business for me is to get this 20lb monster filled. Being a big deal hunter, I was wondering if the other plantys in here could share where they get or have gotten their tanks filled before and what their experiences was like. Maybe this could be a price and service comparison for future reference to others who might be looking for a place to take their tanks? Here is a suggested format for what I am looking for (use it if ya want to): Tank size, cost, business name, test cost if applicable, wait time or tank swap if applicable short description of your experience with them and any extra services that they provide(ie Do they sell new or used tanks? Do they do testing? Do they do a tank swap for the fill?) and any other input you feel is appropriate to mention. Thanks for any help and information you can provide!