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Found 5 results

  1. 55 gallon set up

    Hello everyone, As I am still a novice with fish keeping I was hoping for some advice I have a 55 gallon cycled and would like to fill it with either african cichlids or a couple South Americans. What does everyone think would be a good stock of an aquarium this size? My initial thought is 1 or 2 severums with a pleco of some type or 10-15 Africans with some syno petricolas. Thanks for the advice ina advance, Allan
  2. In Search Of:

    I am looking to add a breeding pair or group of the following: Bristlenose Pleco (Calico, reds, albino) Green Phantom Pleco Blue Phantom Pleco Farlowella Catfish (albino would be really awesome) I am from Lethbridge but I would be willing to drive to Calgary or Medicine Hat to pick up. Pet stores simply don't have the types I would like or the health. Please let me know prices and what you have. I am also open to suggestion if you know of a cool type of Pleco that's affordable. Thank you Blake
  3. Well I adopted this catfish from someone in town and he had sent me a picture of a grasscutter that he got offline instead of the actual fish. It is obviously not a grasscutter but I am stumped as to what it actually is and I just want to be sure that it isn't going to be a monster in a few months because it eats like one. It is about 3 inches long or so. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  4. Cat Fish

    hey, I have a 40 gal with a AC50 and AC20 on it. I have 3 long fin albino plecos (once they get bigger Ill be donating 2 of them elsewhere) 5 spotted Danios, 2 white cloud minnows (survivors from a previous setup), and 2 tequila guppies. I have a real affinity for bottom dwellers and want to get some catfish. Im going to relocate the guppies (i dont like them lol) and buy a few more minnows to take care of the top of my tank, and maybe a couple gouramis or something for the middle of the tank. So, dont know much about cats tho. Any advice for a beginner? What kind should I go for with my size of tank? Thanks