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Found 11 results

  1. My 4 tanks 3/10/2017

    Heres a bunch of pix from my 4 tanks. hope you can figure out the order.
  2. Peacock cichlid ID

    I have some of these "strawberry peacock cichlids" unsure of age guessing about 6mo-1yr.not sure if they are different types or its a male & female of same species. Let me know if you have an id for these suckas. Thanks
  3. Hello from Calgary

    New to the forum but not to the aquatic scene. Glad to be here Current, 10G red fire shrimp/Ramshorn/planted 15G neon tetra/otocinclus/bristlenose pleco/shrimp culls/planted 90G demasoni/yellow labs/strawberry peacocks/bristlenose pleco/hornwort(reducing nitrates huge)
  4. Looking to stock a 90 gallon aquarium, canister filtration, with Peacock Males. Any suggestions on types, and max load. Thanks!
  5. Hello! :)

    Hit there, just like to introduce myself my name is Caroline I breed stingrays and own multiple species of cichlids and tropical fish. I have a 200, 120, 80, 30, 8 gallon and some 1-2 gallon beta tanks! soon to be getting a 220 gallon to up my ray breeding! I enjoy fishkeeping very much! If you have any question or just wanna say hi please do! Fish list: Veija synspilum Veija breheidi Arowana Irwinni catfish Ripsaw catfish Uaru cichlid Gold saum Motoro stingray Angelfish Gold nugget pleco Greens potted puffer Betas Snakehead Guppy Platy Molly Spotted and stripped Raphael catfish And gouramis
  6. My Tank And Cichlids

    this is my 50 gallon tank newer to the hobby and this is my first bigger tank !!! let me know what you guys think
  7. Demasoni Cichlids

    I have a 55 gallon tank and I just aquired 6 demasoni cichlids I had really high aggression in the tank and lost two early on I read online that they should be kept in groups of 12 .. My question is , is my tank big enough for all these fish ?
  8. Thought I would share some pics of my tank since I haven't done so yet. Full stock list is in my sig. I just added a syno. petricola and 2 juli. dickfeldi (thanks Jayba!), and rearranged all of the rockwork (mostly I removed a lot of it; it was a massive cluttered pile before - this layout also allows for better waterflow), so the water is a touch cloudy still. I'm not sure if it's the new fish or the rearrangement of the rockwork, but the tank seems much more active now, and I've never seen the synodontus so much, even with the lights on (it could also be because of their new "big brother" petricola who is twice the size of the largest lucipinnus... ) Crushed aragonite substrate, two buried pvc pipes, and a mix of dry live rock (from an old saltwater setup) and lava rock with holes drilled in it. A couple other random rocks, a few shells, a piece of driftwood and a giant vallisneria that is slowly melting as various fish nip at it... Filtration is a Rena Filstar XP2, a powerhead running a Hydro-Sponge V, and a second powerhead mostly for water movement as the sponge on the intake is just to provide a little mechanical filtration. 250W submersible heater (forget the brand). Fluorescent lighting; nothing special - it's old and loud and could use replacing. I'll eventually move to LED's just for the power savings. The giant danios never really stay still long enough to take a good pic with an iphone, but you can see them in the full tank shots. (I used them to cycle the tank, since they're cheap and typically hardy fish; I've got nowhere else for them at the moment, so they're staying for now) All the fish are juveniles, except the BN pleco and the petricola. And next time I take pics, I'll at least clean the glass... lol
  9. So my female strawberry peacock is holding, looks like a lot of eggs. I want to strip her in the next couple of days before she spits them out, any tips? I've seen videos of guys holding the fish and opening their mouth with a small tongue depressor so they'll spit the eggs into a bucket. My concern with this is messing with her slime coat, injuring her, etc... This will be my first time so I don't want to lose a fish due to inexperience. Also, if you do hold the fish I'd have to treat her after to help her slime coat... correct? I have a cycled fry tank set up with an egg tumbler. On another note, every where I've read says people strip their cichlids after two weeks. I'm not too sure how long she's been holding but it looks like she's ready to burst. Is there any harm in stripping before the two week marker? Thanks in advance!
  10. Help! I have a mouth brooding cichlid that spit out her eggs as I tried to move her to a safer tank. Will she ever pick them back up?
  11. Hi, I need help identifying a female cichlid of mine. I got her for free when she was a small fry but I still don't know what species she is. She is only about 2.5 inches long today. Are there any experts on this site that can help me? Thanks.