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Found 10 results

  1. 55 gallon set up

    Hello everyone, As I am still a novice with fish keeping I was hoping for some advice I have a 55 gallon cycled and would like to fill it with either african cichlids or a couple South Americans. What does everyone think would be a good stock of an aquarium this size? My initial thought is 1 or 2 severums with a pleco of some type or 10-15 Africans with some syno petricolas. Thanks for the advice ina advance, Allan
  2. Trimac

    Where can I find Trimac's here in calgary?
  3. Elec Blue Convicts

    Is it possible convicts and elec blue one is an egg bearer and the other is a mouth brooder ? there is an ad in kijiji for some :flex:
  4. 230G Rebuild

    Well the plan has changed quite a bit so i figured it was time to update this thread. This tank will be heavily planted, soil substrate tank similar to my 120G. However with this tank i want to do a dry start, get some good carpet growth and cover the driftwood in moss and riccia. I am in the process of picking up driftwood from multiple sources, manzanita-driftwood.com, AA Members and Kijiji. I have ordered numerous 3' long pieces that are going to stand from the substrate through the top of the tank. There will be a 2-3 inch space from the rear of the tank to where the driftwood starts and I want to plant some tall background plants (rotala, r. ludwigia, vallisneria, and bacopa) when it comes time to flood the tank. In front of the driftwood im going to use a combination of Echinodrus, Anubias, S. Repens as midground and foreground plants around the ground cover driftwood. The eventual goal will be to add Discus to the tank once the system has stabilized. Lots of work to do to get there, ill reserve a number of posts to show the progress of the tank as time goes on.
  5. Victorian Pics

    Here are a few pics of some of my victorians
  6. Hello all, Can someone please help me identity these cichlids. I normally don’t buy from a pet store but my wife really liked them and we had to bring them home. They were in a tank listed as “assorted peacocks” Thanks for the help.
  7. Calico Convicts

    I finally found some calico convicts. -ham- -ham-​ after searching and inquiring!
  8. Hello From Carstairs

    Hi Everyone .Looking forward to connecting and learning all about the Cichlid world of Lake Malawi mostly...
  9. Egg Spots

    Hi I think I may have been misinformed.I was told it the male cichlids have the eggs spots.My female just had fry and she has egg spots? So maybe not just males have these?
  10. Apistogramma Cacatuoides.

    A couple of days ago, I went out and purchased a pair of apistos. So far, they seem to be adapting really well to their new home. I was just taking a moment to observe them and noticed the female getting quite territorial with the convict cichlids I have (about 2 months old; they and the apisto are similar size). There seems to be a couple of spots where she had been particularly keen on chasing off the convicts. After seeing that, I figured she might be ready to breed! Shortly after watching them some more, I noticed the male apisto chasing the female around. It seems way more playful than when the female would go after the convicts. Is that another potential sign of breeding? Thank you and Merry Christmas!