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Found 5 results

  1. AQUATICON CALGARY 2018 A Tropical and Marine Aquatics Fair and Exposition HOSTED BY: CALGARY AQUARIUM SOCIETY (CAS) (Fish, Plants, Corals, Invertebrates and Amphibians along with the equipment and the information necessary to maintain them) Venue: Montgomery Community Association 5003 16th Ave. NW Calgary, Alberta Date: February 3, 2018 Open to invited Guests 10:00 – 11:00 am Open to Public 11:00 – 4:00 pm
  2. Hi Ya

    Hello to all my felow albertains, hope you all enjoyed the gold medal game this am. Im fairly new to the hobby, as i was given a nice set up. Enjoy freshwater but last year started a saltwater reef. The two things that i enjoy the most is the set up/fine tuning they set up & the vast research that is needed and available on line. When it comes to the set up i enjoy all aspects from selecting the equipment, the actual set up, some smal DIY projects to the aquascaping/stocking of a set up. As for the research, i like a lot of the forums such as Nano Reef, as its a great way to get advice and ideas for my set ups. I wanted to join something local as up here we have our own issues and solutions. I do find that we all, including myself have an opinion and love to hear others. The biggest problem with being up here in the hobby is finding hardware & stocking my tanks. It is an expensive hobby, we dont have that much selection and and Kijiji, which is a great way to buy & sell, is filled with people who are sometimes a bit out to lunch. My goal is to meet some people, who like myself, enjoy the hobby, enjoy chatting about the hobby, have some great suggestions and find some good deals on products as well as buy/sell/trade livestock such as corals. I see in the US they have have shows, frag swaps, etc and think through a forum/comunity like ours we can do something like it. Looking forward to chatting with you all soon, Dean
  3. I decided to go the LED route and after some research, Finnex was the way to go. Especially for the price, the PAR, and the looks. One of the reps is also quite active on plantedtank.net quite a bit, which is great to see from a consumer point of view. I also liked that they carry a 30" model. If you have a 29 gallon, you know that 30" is an oddball size in the world of lighting. My 29 gallon is 18" high, so this should give me low to low-medium light. Seeing how I'm not running CO2 or on a mad fert dosing regime and have mostly anubias, java fern, hygrophilia polysperma, and crypts...it should be adequate to promote growth. Once I have it set up for a couple of weeks I'll report back on my thoughts. All I can say for now is that it was extrememly easy to order (there's a canadian distributor now) and it arrived in 4 business days.
  4. New To The Area.

    Am new to the area (Rimbey) and are setting up a tank again. This is more the wifes tank. Its a 47 gallon 20*18*30". So naturally this is a angelfish set-up. We would love some advice on local aquarium stores. The stores in Red Deer are severly lacking in selection and knowledge.
  5. Drilling Tank For Sump

    hello all I am thinking about building a sump for my freshwater tank. However I was curious if anybody has any experience with drilling tanks for bulkheads? I dont know if my tank is out of tempered glass. Its just a regular tank at 36 gallons. I assume that most tanks that would be tempered are larger volumes? Any tips would be nice. I would like to do this on my own rather than having to pay a glass guy.