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Found 9 results

  1. Looking for more ideas to change my tanks aquascape. It's currently planted with 2 kinds of Anubis (regular and narrow leaf), 2 kinds of Crypt (??? red leaf???), and some type of Val. Substrate is a gravel sand mix, no additives, tank is low light with no CO2 or anything special. There 3 pieces of drift wood, lots of rocks and terra cotta pots, some with plants in them some for hides. I'll add a picture below. New plants I'd like to add are more narrow leaf/drawf Anubis, Java fern, Java moss (if the fish will leave it alone), and I'd like to try to have a carpet or something, Drawf Sag? I'd also like to change the levels of the substrate, but not sure how to make it stay the way I want. Even with using rocks or wood to hold it in place it always seems to settle to one level. Once I have a plan of action, I'll post any updates here.
  2. Hello From Calgary

    New member here ...hello to all ... love aquarium since a kid and God knows how many goldfish I killed ....lol Have 55G tank stocked with 7 Bosemani rainbow, 3 Parkinsonii and a pair of mean German rams ... and sine you can never have too many tanks, have another 30G tank with 18 Black Ruby Barbs and 10G for future shrimp tank (hopefully in the near future). Why ADA substrate are so expansive..... anyone know any cheap source? Lanny
  3. I am so happy with my tank right now, so I thought I'd share. I've had some ups and downs, but now the tank is 8 months old and has stabilized a lot. Everything is blooming. Specs 10 Gallon Light: ADA Aquasky 451 Eheim 150 canister filter Eco-Complete fine grain planted substrate Dosing with API C02 booster + API Leaf Zone + DIY root tabs Plants Limnophila Aromatica Bacopa Monnieri Eleocharis sp. "Minima" aka dwarf hair grass Hemianthus micranthemoides (Kind of want my entire tank just this because the colour is so gorgeous) Inhabitants ~40-50 fire red shrimp of various grades; I'm looking out for even more red ones.
  4. I am stating to plan out my 230G rebuild and am wondering where i can find very large pieces of driftwood, 2-3 feet long about a foot wide and preferably with branches. Looking online i haven't been able to find a suitable supplier with what i am imagining in my head and I've read online its possible to find your own and make it aquarium safe (takes quite a bit of time to accomplish this though). Wondering if any one out there has retailer suggestions or has gathered their own wood for aquarium purposes. Thanks!
  5. Planted Discus Tank

    Ok, so originally my idea was to rebuild my 230 gallon as a Peacock Cichlid tank however over the last couple months watching my planted tank has been very rewarding and the wife and I have discussed setting up the 230G as a planted tank, and adding Discus (not immediately but once we feel the tank is stable). So the thought process currently is as follows: 1. Create a 3D background (similar to this: http://www.notjustfish.com/images/products/665.jpg) 2. Setup under gravel jets 3. Get the tank setup with my current plants from my 50G using a soil substrate capped with white sand. 4. Cycle the tank and add Discus friendly fish (Corys, German Blue Rams, Tetras, etc...) 5. Add Amano Shrimp (I've read lots about how if they are big enough they can co-habitat with Discuss just fine) 6. Finally add my Discus I'm looking for opinions and thoughts from users who have had experience with Discus and get some feedback on the Soil substrate idea. Cheers, Tom
  6. Hello! I am looking to add some schooling fish to my current tank and am looking for advice / suggestions. My aquarium specs are listed in my signature including the critters i have. A couple things i am looking for are... less than 2.5 inches fully grown (prefer a smaller / slimmer bodied fish) I intend to add 3 - 5 fish depending on the minimum school and adult size to keep a manageable bio-load inhabit the middle to top portion of the tank (bottom of mine is pretty busy) schoolers and compatible with the rest of my fish Thanks for reading and i appreciate any advice and or suggestions!
  7. Planted 75Gal W. Moss Wall

    Jenn got me thinking a while back what I'd do with my empty 75gal. Until now, it has been a catch-all for random fish that people have been giving me, or fish that don't really fit elsewhere. Now, it's time to make it something. This is how it starts: It's an crappy empty tank with a crappy pic! I want an HMF across the back to plant my moss wall. Can't have one piece of foam, so I have to put in a divider. It's just a piece of glass from a stock canopy cut to fit. Gives me about 3" from the back. I wanted a nice deep sand bed - mostly to raise the foam up enough, but also for some great root development. It's 3" all around! Put some rocks in to see how I want the hardscaping to go There have been some rave reviews about the Finnex products. I bought 3 of the 48" fixtures: 2 FugeRays and this baby for the plants! Gotta say, it really lights it up well! (FugeRay on a 125 next to it - also kicks the crap out of the shoplight I had before!) To wood or not?? ('nother FugeRay on that long tank above it - I think I might have to buy some more!) Gotta keep the Fishhead, tho!
  8. Lots of shrimp setups posted lately so I figured I would throw mine in the mix. Thanks for looking! Equipment: 58 Gallon Hagen Waterhome tank 2x Hagen Glo 2x54 W T5HO 2x Eheim G90 canister filters Compressed Co2 Critters: about 40 SSS/SS grade Crystal Red Shrimp 4 Amano shrimp 40 or so Endler livebearers 5 Ottos 3 Panda loaches Tons of malaysian trumpet snails Using fluorite black sand as my substrate and have peat granules in the filters to lower the PH. Flora: Heteranthera zosterifolia giant hairgrass Bacopa caroliniana Lilaeopsis mauritius Aponogeton madagascariensis Rotala indica Java moss Mini Rose moss Flame moss Cryptocoryne Mi Oya Limnophila hippuroides Tonina fluviatalis 'Manaus' Staurogyne repens Rotala wallichii Dwarf Sagittaria subulata Cryptocoryne parva Cryptocoryne crispatula var balansae Anubias barteri var nana Echinodorus 'Red Flame sword' Nesaea crassicaulis Cyperus Helferi Blyxa Japonica Hemianthus Micranthemoides Pogostemon helferi <--- has since died off on me for some reason Didiplis diandra Pogostemon stellatus Ceratopteris cornuta Eriocaulon Mini Taco Duckweed 20121230
  9. So, After my filter on my ebi went sideways I decided to start again! My husband bought a Mr.Aqua 12 gallon long in San Diego It lasted in our house about 3 minutes before I jacked it for my new project. I aquascaped this tank using only bits and pieces lying around the house. I multipurposed it by moving all of my husbands (blink) cherry shrimp out of his 30 gallon when he changed into the Solana. I decided to go with a soft semi blackwater biotope to make my little fishies happy. Equipment: 3 bags of black sand substrate 8 peices of random driftwood 1 piece of mopani aquaclear 30 12 gallon long random heater. 2 large blue LED strips I had left over from a previous project Desk lamp. My goal with lighting is to drill 3 spotlights underneath the counter where it's housed. My goal for filtration is to drill a hole in the counter and run all the electrical and my canister filter down into under the counter. This isn't a journal because I have already finished my project except for those 2 things. Stock list: 15 red microraspbora boraras maculatus 6 microrasbora kubotai (neon green/yellow rasboras) 3 Garra flavatra (Panda Garra) 70 Neocaridina heteropoda (Cherry shrimp) 2 Caridina multidentata (Amano shrimps) 1.1 Betta Splendens crowntail random crypt and sword plants and some subwassertang that mysteriously appeared one day. The Bettas do not eat the shrimp. Here is a link to the flickr to keep me from adding 2 gazillion photos Thoughts,Suggestions, extra microrasboras welcome.