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Found 9 results

  1. Didn't know where to post this,But just wondering if anyone in the area has some larger drift wood for sale. Looking at filling up a couple of my aquariums, the stuff at the store is just too expensive and not big enough. Looking for some pieces that would really stand out.If you know where to get some or have some and would like to sell, it would be much appreciated.Also mind as well ask if you have any aquatic plants you'd like to sell, looking at filling up a 4 foot tank. Thank you!
  2. Looking for more ideas to change my tanks aquascape. It's currently planted with 2 kinds of Anubis (regular and narrow leaf), 2 kinds of Crypt (??? red leaf???), and some type of Val. Substrate is a gravel sand mix, no additives, tank is low light with no CO2 or anything special. There 3 pieces of drift wood, lots of rocks and terra cotta pots, some with plants in them some for hides. I'll add a picture below. New plants I'd like to add are more narrow leaf/drawf Anubis, Java fern, Java moss (if the fish will leave it alone), and I'd like to try to have a carpet or something, Drawf Sag? I'd also like to change the levels of the substrate, but not sure how to make it stay the way I want. Even with using rocks or wood to hold it in place it always seems to settle to one level. Once I have a plan of action, I'll post any updates here.
  3. Planted tanks

    Here is my 240g tank at my office with wild discus, rummynose- 100, cardinals - 100, buenos airies tetras- 30, red spotted Guyana angels - 15, Tefe Green discus - 5-5.5"- 4, Semi Royal Brazil Cupeira Discus - 4.5"-2 and apistos. Red shadows are the office lights above the tank.
  4. I Need Help Starting My Planted Tank

    I have a 36 gallon bow front that I would like to plant. I have had fish for 20 years, never tried plants... I already have a nice small piece of Malaysian driftwood that I boiled forever and is in the tank. I would really like to have a low tech planted aquarium, could anyone point me in the right direction as to what I need for lighting (SO many different opinions online making my head spin) And what substrate I need. Where do I go to procure said supplies (best place in your opinion) And what plants I have breeding pair of Kribs I would like to put in this tank but I am worried they'd root in the plants? So I'd probably go with Rams My water is soft (we have a softener) and the ph is about 6.8-7 Right now there's only 3 corys in this tank, I moved them when the kribs started spawning as they were cranky and relentlessly chasing the cats. Thanks all
  5. Marimo Ball Worms

    I was wondering if any one knows how the prevent and cure these worms from marimo balls please
  6. Lotus Bloom

    I was told that having a lotus plant bloom was very rare. So I must share it with you. Sorry but the pcs were taken with my phone
  7. I went out this weekend in hopes to find some reasonably priced bamboo for my tank. I think the fish don't really find it to interesting considering it's just a stick to them but wondering others opinions on it for a planted tank. I went to multiple pet stores and for one small bamboo stick they charge anywhere between $5-$7. Is it just me or is this crazily over priced? Finally I remembered Ikea sell bamboo and purchased 4 stick for about $2 each. I was very unsure about doing this considering it's from Ikea and not a fish store (might have bacteria unknown to the fish world) That's my rant about bamboo prices. Does bamboo do anything for my tank or just make it look interesting?
  8. 75 Gallon Rookie With Questions

    Howdy folks. I'm new to the forum and the whole fish-keeping scene. I recently came into possession of a 75 gallon aquarium with all the goods (ie: grow-lights, filter, heater, etc). My plan is to create a diverse and active biosphere that hosts a number of different species without getting overstocked. At present I've got these guys all living with each other in peace. Once in a while the knife fish and crayfish joust for a dark place, but the tank has multiple locations for them to hide. 7 leopard danios 4 otoclinus 3 ameca splendens (not my favorite - came with the tank) 1 ghost knife fish 1 dwarf crayfish 1 betta 6 zebra nerite snails 3 zebra thorn snails I'd like to get a few more danios (12 total), and possibly some red cherry shrimp. Does anyone see any major problems? I am aware that the shrimp could become snacks for the other fish, but I think there will be enough places for them to hide in the aquascape I'm creating. I'm holding off on the shrimp for a couple more weeks. I'm also really wanting to figure out freshwater plants. I'd like to get some kind of tall or floating plants that do well with strong light - suggestions? I'd love any insights you can offer. Thanks!
  9. Ever find yourself doing a W/C and find out too late that your out of filter media. No time to go to the store or the stores are closed. I have a toddler that likes to get into stuff and doing a W/C late at night found my media had been ruined by nailpolish. I had thought to just rinse the media and reuse but I had added new fish that day and didn't want to chance it. Pondering this I glanced at my big tanks filter, it was a pouch type that you add carbon to and clip top. I had an idea. Rummaging around I grabbed up new 2 pieces of scour pads (those green scratchy scouring plastic pads you buy for scrubbing dishes). Placed them in a pan and poured boiling water through them to sterilize them and dried them flat with my hairdryer. Pulling out the old sewing machine I sewed them together to form a pouch with heavy gauge white cotton thread. Half a cup of active carbon to fill and sewed the top close. Rinse again quickly under running water for dust and BAM emergency media. >> The fish were fine and happy until I was able to get into town to buy new media a week later (not medically able to drive and where we lived didn't have a taxi service) I use this home made media on the Goldfish and use it in my community tanks to no ill effects for the last 2 years. Thoughts???