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Found 18 results

  1. My 4 tanks 3/10/2017

    Heres a bunch of pix from my 4 tanks. hope you can figure out the order.
  2. Hello from Calgary

    New to the forum but not to the aquatic scene. Glad to be here Current, 10G red fire shrimp/Ramshorn/planted 15G neon tetra/otocinclus/bristlenose pleco/shrimp culls/planted 90G demasoni/yellow labs/strawberry peacocks/bristlenose pleco/hornwort(reducing nitrates huge)
  3. Advice On Shrimp Food

    So I've done a ton of research, and while everyone agrees on what shrimp need in general, it seems as far as brands and types, everyone says something different. I'm a total newbie (in case you couldn't tell. Lol.) so I have no experience to go off of, so I was hoping you could help me with yours. I decided on BorneoWild, based on reviews of the product and suggestions to other newbies, but they didn't specify which types. I've narrowed it down to: BorneoWild - Grow BorneoWild - Barley BorneoWild - Floral Mix BorneoWild - Beanbee and Algea Wafers I was thinking it would be good to get the Algea Wafers, Floral Mix, and one of the other three. Then I'd rotate / mix them. One today, the next type in two days, the third type in another two days, and then back to the first type. Can anyone tell me if these are good foods for Neocaridina and which one(s) I should use? Should I rotate all of them? Some of them? Only feed one? Feeding schedule? (I read it's a 2-3 mm piece for 10-20 shrimp every 2-3 days) If you think a different brand or type would be better, please let me know which brand and type and why. Thanks for your help and info! P.S. - Has anyone used this for substrate? https://www.amazon.ca/Up-D-550-Aqua-Shrimp-Sand/dp/B005VS1I0M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1465708670&sr=8-1&keywords=aqua+soil Is it a good one? Can you recommend a good substrate I won't have to replace for (practically) forever?
  4. I am so happy with my tank right now, so I thought I'd share. I've had some ups and downs, but now the tank is 8 months old and has stabilized a lot. Everything is blooming. Specs 10 Gallon Light: ADA Aquasky 451 Eheim 150 canister filter Eco-Complete fine grain planted substrate Dosing with API C02 booster + API Leaf Zone + DIY root tabs Plants Limnophila Aromatica Bacopa Monnieri Eleocharis sp. "Minima" aka dwarf hair grass Hemianthus micranthemoides (Kind of want my entire tank just this because the colour is so gorgeous) Inhabitants ~40-50 fire red shrimp of various grades; I'm looking out for even more red ones.
  5. Baby Crystal Shrimp!

    Just had to share, I found two baby red crystal shrimp!! First time breeding shrimp now hopefully they'll survive lol. Anyone have any suggestions to keep them happy? They're currently in a Fluval ebi tank filled with live plants and driftwood and one lonely panda loach; using a sponge filter, heat at about 23, levels all seem normal. Recently added a number of red rillis and cherry shrimp (before I knew there were babies)and feeding fluval shrimp pellets. Any tips much appreciated!!
  6. Best Place To Purchase Cpo? Online?

    Yeppers. Back from tour and looking to find some CPO for one of my tanks. Ideas on best places to ship from? Cheers.
  7. I'm new to shrimp and got 10 FRS last week and it seems they have all disappeared but two of them have finally decided to come out and play! Still unsure what happened to the rest of them, at the time I only had 5 guppies in there and I can't see them being big enough to eat them so hopefully the rest are just hiding.
  8. Hello From Edmonton

    Hey all, joined here a little while ago, but finally putting in my first post! Started a Fluval Flora about a year ago, current stock includes: neon tetras, orange phantom tetras, oto, SAE, rainbow furcata flower shrimp, ghost shrimp and a couple Amanos. Overstock? Probably! But no issues so far (knock on wood!) Pics to follow once I figure how to post them!
  9. Hello

    Hello i am new to Alberta Aquatica ! I am interested in shrimps.
  10. Fluval Edge - Lighting Solution

    Hi all, Just thought I would show a couple pictures of my solution for lighting the full area of the Fluval Edge 6g. My first thought was to upgrade the original light (which has been done) but that doesn't solve the problem of lighting the edges (ironic given the name of the tank). So here is my solution! This light bar is bonded pieces of Aluminum acting as a heat sink for high power LEDs, the bar should be giving out between 750 - 850 lumens additonal light to where it is needed most in this type of tank. These are the highest power LEDs I could source to fit inside this type of heat sink, they are capped, bonded and soldered into the frame. I'll be monitoring the tanks temperatures closely as I have a good handle on what they are without the extra light bar. On first impressions the whites of my CRS really pop out making them standout in lot of plant life. The edges of the tank are fully illuminated and I'll be keeping an eye on the plant growth! If anyone is interested I am considering making a lower profile version (depending on the temps) so PM if you think you might like one, I bought all the tools and seems a shame only to build one with all the gear.
  11. Fluval Ebi/flora Stratum Or Flourite?

    Good morning fellows. I just picked up a 20 gallon long and I'm trying to figure out what substrate would be the best for a planted tank that I hope to leave alone for a while... I've been running my current Fluval Ebi with the stock stratum, but I'm wondering about the benefits of utilizing Flourite for long-term sustainability. Also, does anyone know if Flourite Dark, Black, etc have different properties or are those merely their brands? I ask because they seem to market them differently. Thanks!
  12. Shrimp Varieties Fs/ft In Calgary?

    Hey folks. Long time no posting. I'm curious about the various types of shrimp we have around Calgary. I've been in search of macros but I can't seem to track them down often, and I always seem to miss when Big Al's brings in other unique types; i.e. skunk shrimp, etc. Please post the shrimp varieties you have and if you are open to FS or FT. Thanks!
  13. Ghost Shrimp

    Is it ok to have ghost shrimp and rcs living together? And will they still breed? Not necessarily with each other as their own breeds!
  14. Hydra And Shrimp

    I have a micro-species ten gallon set up, which has four ember tetras, and four pygmy cories, and about twenty cherry shrimp. I have just noticed some hydra have hitched a ride on new plants....dang it! I would like to know if anyone has dealt with this problem, and how, or if I should be worried....I have researched on the web...but lots of conflicting information on whether or not hydra are dangerous to shimplets, and shrimp in general. Also, this is a heavily planted tank...so, vacuuming the substrate is near impossible. ~~Any advice would be helpful.
  15. Lots of shrimp setups posted lately so I figured I would throw mine in the mix. Thanks for looking! Equipment: 58 Gallon Hagen Waterhome tank 2x Hagen Glo 2x54 W T5HO 2x Eheim G90 canister filters Compressed Co2 Critters: about 40 SSS/SS grade Crystal Red Shrimp 4 Amano shrimp 40 or so Endler livebearers 5 Ottos 3 Panda loaches Tons of malaysian trumpet snails Using fluorite black sand as my substrate and have peat granules in the filters to lower the PH. Flora: Heteranthera zosterifolia giant hairgrass Bacopa caroliniana Lilaeopsis mauritius Aponogeton madagascariensis Rotala indica Java moss Mini Rose moss Flame moss Cryptocoryne Mi Oya Limnophila hippuroides Tonina fluviatalis 'Manaus' Staurogyne repens Rotala wallichii Dwarf Sagittaria subulata Cryptocoryne parva Cryptocoryne crispatula var balansae Anubias barteri var nana Echinodorus 'Red Flame sword' Nesaea crassicaulis Cyperus Helferi Blyxa Japonica Hemianthus Micranthemoides Pogostemon helferi <--- has since died off on me for some reason Didiplis diandra Pogostemon stellatus Ceratopteris cornuta Eriocaulon Mini Taco Duckweed 20121230
  16. Fluval Ebi - Advice & Suggestions?

    Hey folks. I just picked up a new fluval ebi for an invert tank and I imagine there are plenty of other owners in this community forum. Please feel free to post your thoughts, reviews, custom changes, and suggestions here. I'd love to see/hear how other people have been enjoying their ebi's and would benefit from advice from seasons vets. First thought/suggestion - I was a little annoyed the filter didn't come with the carbon insert to begin with. I found them for $4 at Riverfront though, so not that pricey. Phew! Also, I heard that loosely stuffing the first slot of the filter with angel hair helps speed up the filtration process. Thoughts? Cheers.
  17. Heater For Fluval Ebi?

    Hey folks. I just picked up a fluval ebi last week and I'm trying to find out a cost-effective heater that would work for it. I'm hoping to have the tank heated at 76-78F and would greatly appreciate suggestions. I'll need a heater that is fully submersible and small. Please advise? Thanks!
  18. 75 Gallon Rookie With Questions

    Howdy folks. I'm new to the forum and the whole fish-keeping scene. I recently came into possession of a 75 gallon aquarium with all the goods (ie: grow-lights, filter, heater, etc). My plan is to create a diverse and active biosphere that hosts a number of different species without getting overstocked. At present I've got these guys all living with each other in peace. Once in a while the knife fish and crayfish joust for a dark place, but the tank has multiple locations for them to hide. 7 leopard danios 4 otoclinus 3 ameca splendens (not my favorite - came with the tank) 1 ghost knife fish 1 dwarf crayfish 1 betta 6 zebra nerite snails 3 zebra thorn snails I'd like to get a few more danios (12 total), and possibly some red cherry shrimp. Does anyone see any major problems? I am aware that the shrimp could become snacks for the other fish, but I think there will be enough places for them to hide in the aquascape I'm creating. I'm holding off on the shrimp for a couple more weeks. I'm also really wanting to figure out freshwater plants. I'd like to get some kind of tall or floating plants that do well with strong light - suggestions? I'd love any insights you can offer. Thanks!