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Found 2 results

  1. Group Of Corydoras Sterbai

    Got a group of 10 young Corydoras sterbai last week to get a breeding group going. Took them a couple days to start eating and now they're little gobble monsters. Thankfully I was able to dig up some earthworms and chop them up fine so they could fit them in their little mouths. That got them going and now I have them on chopped earthworm and flake. I snapped a few pics of them tonight. Should be a few months before they start spawning but already they're looking good. Can't believe how active they are! They're in a species tank with sand and small stones from a local mountain stream.
  2. Sterbai.

    I managed to get a solid picture of my sterbai, finally. I heard that there's a chance of this cory being stressed. I also heard having them in groups of three is the way to go about keeping them happy. Also, I tried sexing the little guy, but it's hard to tell; may be too young yet. Judging from colours too, can anyone tell me for sure if maybe he's just stressed. Thanks, AA.