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Found 3 results

  1. 230G Rebuild

    Well the plan has changed quite a bit so i figured it was time to update this thread. This tank will be heavily planted, soil substrate tank similar to my 120G. However with this tank i want to do a dry start, get some good carpet growth and cover the driftwood in moss and riccia. I am in the process of picking up driftwood from multiple sources, manzanita-driftwood.com, AA Members and Kijiji. I have ordered numerous 3' long pieces that are going to stand from the substrate through the top of the tank. There will be a 2-3 inch space from the rear of the tank to where the driftwood starts and I want to plant some tall background plants (rotala, r. ludwigia, vallisneria, and bacopa) when it comes time to flood the tank. In front of the driftwood im going to use a combination of Echinodrus, Anubias, S. Repens as midground and foreground plants around the ground cover driftwood. The eventual goal will be to add Discus to the tank once the system has stabilized. Lots of work to do to get there, ill reserve a number of posts to show the progress of the tank as time goes on.
  2. Drilling Tank For Sump

    hello all I am thinking about building a sump for my freshwater tank. However I was curious if anybody has any experience with drilling tanks for bulkheads? I dont know if my tank is out of tempered glass. Its just a regular tank at 36 gallons. I assume that most tanks that would be tempered are larger volumes? Any tips would be nice. I would like to do this on my own rather than having to pay a glass guy.
  3. I'm running a 10g tank with a 2.6g sump. I am trying out the PPS Pro method of fertilizing and wondering if I should be dosing for my planted volume (10g) or if I should be dosing for total water volume (12g). Maybe the extra 2g in the sump doesn't make that much difference? Now that I've written it down, it probably isn't that vital since every tank is so different that one program can't account for every tank. That being said, I'm fine with sub-optimal performance in the 80% range as long as I'm not fighting with algae. Any one with experience?