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  1. Planted Discus Tank

    Ok, so originally my idea was to rebuild my 230 gallon as a Peacock Cichlid tank however over the last couple months watching my planted tank has been very rewarding and the wife and I have discussed setting up the 230G as a planted tank, and adding Discus (not immediately but once we feel the tank is stable). So the thought process currently is as follows: 1. Create a 3D background (similar to this: http://www.notjustfish.com/images/products/665.jpg) 2. Setup under gravel jets 3. Get the tank setup with my current plants from my 50G using a soil substrate capped with white sand. 4. Cycle the tank and add Discus friendly fish (Corys, German Blue Rams, Tetras, etc...) 5. Add Amano Shrimp (I've read lots about how if they are big enough they can co-habitat with Discuss just fine) 6. Finally add my Discus I'm looking for opinions and thoughts from users who have had experience with Discus and get some feedback on the Soil substrate idea. Cheers, Tom