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My Flowerhorns

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Got these guys in from Thailand.

One Fully Faded male with huge head potential,nice short face,strong tale and balanced finnage at 4 inches.

Two short body thai silk (only one pictured)they are 1.5 inches--these guys have unbelievable personalities, they are like little puppies waiting at the tank for me, and they are both completely round lol funny to watch, also the one pictured is getting a bump on his head too.

And last but not least, one regular bodied Thai silk fry @ 2inches , who has head pontetial as well.

Cant wait to get these guys out of de-parasiting and quarantine (a must for fish comming from thailand as they usually all use live foods)...they are all juvies.... but so far so good!


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Nice!!!!! Love the last pick.....to me that is what a Thai silk should look like......The short body one will be interesting to see

when fully grown......any aggression???

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The short bodies (bonsai) are abominations! haha I don't like them at all. Yes all flowerhorns are very aggressive. You can keep them with other fish you its a larger tank with lots of dither fish. Here is a picture of my old thai silk that I bought off bluecan.


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