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50 Gallon Planted

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Got this tank from a friend so i decided to take all my plants from my Cichlid tank and setup a planted aquarium. I had some fish leftover from my sale so i stocked it with those fish as well. Here are some details:

Fluval Stratum substrate

PennPlax 300 Filter

PS20 powerhead with sponge pre-filter

Tetra Whisper internal filter

Current USA Freshwater plus 48" LED lights

Pressurized Co2 - utilizing the powerhead to diffuse the Co2






Java Fern

Amazon Sword


30 Juvie Dragonblood Peacocks (I will want to get these guys out of here as soon as possible)

Pair of breeding Kribensis (and about 10 fry)

Common Pleco

2 Nerite Snails


Planaria (i think)




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Well its been quite some time since I've posted and I figured it was time to get some new pics uploaded :)

The tank has been amazing and I've seen some amazing growth using the pressurized Co2 and Seachem Flourish every few days. Recently i added some duckweed which my wife loves, its adds a fun element to the tank as the filters push it under the water towards the front of the tank.

I will finally be removing the Dragonblood cichlids from the tank as i have a friend that is going to take them all and breed them. The mating pair of kribs have had two batches of fry, the first batch didnt last long however this last batch is growing quite quickly and most of them are still alive.

Pictures below, i will do better about adding pictures as i take them :)



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Thanks Ckmullin, I'm pretty sure it's time to remove some from the tank :)


I do love how clear the duckweed keeps the tank though.

Replaced the 2 HOBs with a Fluval 305 and got the peacocks out of the tank. I'm going to let the kribensis fry grow out in this tank, hopefully mom and pop don't decide to have another batch here right away!

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