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New Rams

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Gold Rams that I got at the Edmonton Fall Auction spawned 2 weeks ago, but lost all the fry to the pair of angels that shared the tank.

German Blues hatched on Friday, got about 30 fry that seem to be doing well.

Now my Electric Blues spawned in a tank they share with 4 other rams and 10 toonie plus sized blue chocolate angels. When I discovered the nest there were already some wigglers, so I sucked all the eggs and fry up with a gravel vac. Must be close to 100

electric blue fry hatched out now.


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What are your tank numbers for your ram tank. I got some gold rams also at the auction, but mine are still quite young. I would eventually like to breed them if I have a male and female- I am not sure.

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Your golds are likely old enough. I didn't think that my golds were old enough either, and the electric blue I got the end of June as fry 1/2 - 3/4 inches

I was not actively trying to breed them, which is why they were housed with angels. I didn't even have a rock with the electric blues, they used the sponge filter base for the nest.

I don't worry to much about numbers but I measured the PH and Temp for you.

German Blues PH 6.7 76F

Gold 6.3 79F

Electric Blue 6.3 78F

Water changes and frozen bloodworms 3-4 times a week.

Good luck with breeding.

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