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120G Planted

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The wife gave me the blessing a couple weeks ago to upgrade my 50G corner tank to something a bit bigger, $200 was my limit. Found a great deal on kijiji for a 6' 120G, it was a little dirty, but after a couple hours i was able to scrap away most of the saltwater algae.



Once it was all cleaned i picked up some soil substrate from ckmullin and started the process of moving my plants from the old tank to the new tank.


Decided to use the Fluval stratum from the old tank on top of the soil, I had so many malaysian trumpet snails in the stratum and figured i should keep them and didnt want to go through the stratum trying to pick out all the snails.

Picked up a Aqueon proflex sump at a great price, got it all connected, got my pressurized CO2 and my LEDs set back up. And now its looking pretty good :)


Now all i need to do is stock it up.

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I have my co2 diffuser in my sump, 2 corner overflows returning the water back into the tank so I'm hoping it's enough to evenly distribute throughout the tank. In my 50g the plants were growing so fast, had to trim the rotala every 2 weeks, we will see how fast they grow in this new setup :)

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Sorry my bad, I'm not using a diffuser I'm using an aqua medic co2 reactor in the return pump section of my sump. The return pump is 1200 GPH, and the Sump holds about 30g of water. I'm assuming, maybe incorrectly, that the co2 reactor is diffusing the co2 into the return section water and it is moving back into the tank fairly quickly. I'm hoping all and all that I'm not losing any co2 in the return section, or if any a small inconsequential amount.

I'm absolutely open to comments and suggestions on how to improve the setup :)

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looks good this is my next project, starting in January. I have a 75 gal. right now and what to go to the 120 as a room divider, so it can be seen from 3 sides and use a continuous drip for water changes. I have all the plumbing already on the other side of the wall that I am going to place the one end of the tank.

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Thank you DevonC! Picking up more fish and plants this weekend, will update with more photos once everything is settled :)

Awesome Don_D! Look forward to following the progress once you get it all started :)

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Wow. Looking great! Not to mention the price. Your wife was probably hoping for $200 you wouldn't get much mileage. Maybe a little bit bigger tank than the old one? Well you showed her. Good thing she didn't say $500.

Again, looks great

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Ya I won't be able to get away with that stunt again! She's already tallying the cost of fish, plants, sump, etc.... Lol

Santa will be extra good to her this year :)

Thank you :) Its been fun getting setup. Got the itch to get the 230G up and running now!!

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OK got some more plants and stocked up with some fish, took a couple days to clear up the tank after planting everything so heres some new pics finally :)






Huge thank you to cjerrom and ckmullin who have been very helpful in stocking up the tank and providing some fantastic advice for moving forward.

Plant List:

Amazon Swords


Red Ludwigia



Java Moss

Flame moss

Java fern



Anubias Barteri

Fish List

Cardinal Tetras

Rummynose Tetras

German Blue Rams

Peppered Corydoras

Panda Corydoras

Oranger Laser Corydoras

Otto Catfish

Common pleco

Red Cherry Shrimp - i think theres a couple left in there


Aqueon Proflex Model 4 sump

Filter socks


100 micron filter pads

seachem matrix

Fluval activated Carbon

Purigen Reactor (DIY Project i decided to mess around with one day)

Pressurized CO2 - using an aqua medic 500 reactor in the return section of the sump

Lighting is done with 2 4' Current USA Freshwater Satellite LED plus fixtures

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Thank you! :)

Yes if anyone needs MTS let me know, I've got enough to share.

One issue in having with the tank is the filter socks in the sump get clogged very easily, within a day they are very dirty and within 2-3 they aren't letting enough water through so that section starts to overflow. Any thoughts on how to handle this?

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