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Betta's And What Other Breeds?

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Hi and welcome to AA. Tankmates for bettas can be tough. It all depends on your specific betta's behaviour. Danios are usually no good as they have a tendency to be very nippy and will constantly pick at your bettas fins. That being said I have heard of it working for some people. Guppies or any other fish with brightly colored or long trailing fins similar to the betta are a definite no as your betta could become aggressive towards them.

You could keep a school of smaller fish like ember tetras or harlequin rasboras easily in a 10 gallon. I would recommend 6-8 of either one. A small shoal of corydoras would be a good choice. They tend to stick to the bottom and are great for keeping the bottom of the tank clean. If stocking cories you want at least 4. 6 is usually a good number if your tank can support it. They are much less shy in groups and will be seen alot more.

For something different you could try a few cherry shrimp. I have heard both good and bad about having them with bettas. I currently have 6 adults in a 10 gallon with my betta and a pair of scarlet badis. The shrimp have been breeding and my betta doesn't seem to bother the adults or the babies.

I'm sure other members will have more suggestions as well.

On a related note if you don't know how many fish you can stock in your tank aqadvisor.com is a good tool to get you started. Good luck with your stocking and let us know how it goes.

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I feel I should add that if keeping the cories a sand substrate is highly recommended as rough gravel can damage their sensitive barbels. And if keeping shrimp a planted tank works best. Gives the shrimp a place to hide if they need to.

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I have always had schools of Cory's (Julii & hasbrosus), harlequin & scissortail rasbora's & neon tetra's, also clown pleco's, Spixi & mystery snails as well as African Dwarf Frogs with my betta's.

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