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T5Ho Light Not Working - Replacement Help

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I bought a Aquatic Life Marquis Freshwater Aquarium Light Fixture 30-Inch T5 HO with 2-Lamps and Timer off Amazon and it arrived and doesn't work. I set it up and it worked for 30 seconds and now doesn't work at all. I just picked up a ton of plants today and need a light! I'll be hitting up stores tomorrow in Calgary to try to find a replacement. Any suggestions on places that will have good stock? I need a 30". No led stuff suggestions please. The $145 price tag was really nice, but not if it doesn't work!

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I think your plants will be just fine until then. Even better if they catch some (indirect) sunlight. You can also rig up some (poor) substitute lighting using a clamp-on and floor standing lights, whatever you have already, and put it next/over your tank. I also keep some plants in a large transparent plastic bin in front of a window. That would be another option.

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