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White mark on platy

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Hi, I am fairly new to the aquarium world but saw something alarming on my red wag female platy. Not sure if it is a mark from injury on a decoration or something fungal/bacterial. I have a twenty gallon tank, fully cycled before fish were added. It has been up and running with fish for about 6 months. Water temperature is 78 degrees. Ph is 7.8, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 20 ppm. I do weekly water changes. In the tank there is a female red wag platy, female high fin platy, female rainbow platy, male calico platy, three juvenile high fins (all female about two months old) and a fan shrimp. This morning when I Checked my fish (I do this every morning) the female red wag platy looks to have either a scratchy or white patch. She is fine in behaviour, eating etc. Poop is normal (same as it has always been ). I am concerned this is something fungal bacterial and don't want to leave it if it is, however there was no mark last night and it is so uniform it looks like a scratch. I have attached pictures for people who may have knowledge that I don't have what I should do. I don't want to medicate if unnecessary. Thanks and if there is any info I left out let me know, as I said I am new to this.





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Have you added any new fish/plants/inverts lately?

I would agree with the other thread with no pics, it does not look like ich. Ich will look like little white pimples and is very easy to identify, it can be easily treated with heat and salt, which is safe for plants and most inverts.

It could be a scratch or some minor injury? 

I would wait for it to get worse or spread before medicating, some extra water changes would help it heal if it's just an injury.

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Thanks for the reply. I realize don't I posted twice only about twenty minutes ago lol. I am leaning towards injury, only because it appeared so abruptly and I got a better look at the spot. It literally looks indented or gouged where the lighter colour is. I am hoping she just squeezed into a tight space and it wasn't another tank mate.  The only recent addition is the rainbow female platy. She was added, after being quarantined a few days, about three weeks ago. I think I may stick with some water changes and just hope it heals. If it gets worse, or I see anything in another fish I will look into the malachite green.

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