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Hello. Im new to this forum. I live in Edmonton. Been in and out of the hobby since I was a kid but still pretty new I think. Thanks to the interweb there is a lot more information then there was years ago. Currently I have 4 aquariums. 55gal community lightly planted, 20gal L community lightly planted, 20gal cloud tank, 10gal shrimp/snail tank that will be a dwarf puffer tank very soon and more to come im sure lol. Addictive hobby to say the least. My wife who said she didn't want any fish is worse then I am. There's a little about myself.

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Welcome to the local aquarium community and nice to have a 'partner in crime' when it comes to fish addictions. If you'd like to meet some other aquarists in person you can check out the Aquarium Club of Edmonton (ACE) but meeting don't start again until 1st Tuesday of September. They also host an auction later inFall where you'll see many of the locals, both new and experienced, and a more eclectic choice of fish and plants.

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