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Looking for more ideas to change my tanks aquascape. It's currently planted with 2 kinds of Anubis (regular and  narrow leaf), 2 kinds of Crypt (??? red leaf???), and some type of Val. Substrate is a gravel sand mix, no additives, tank is low light with no CO2 or anything special. There 3 pieces of drift wood, lots of rocks and terra cotta pots, some with plants in them some for hides. I'll add a picture below. 

New plants I'd like to add are more narrow leaf/drawf Anubis, Java fern, Java moss (if the fish will leave it alone), and I'd like to try to have a carpet or something, Drawf Sag?

I'd also like to change the levels of the substrate, but not sure how to make it stay the way I want. Even with using rocks or wood to hold it in place it always seems to settle to one level. 

Once I have a plan of action, I'll post any updates here.


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You can use dwarf sagittaria or Helanthium tenellum (aka Echinodorus tenellus) for a carpet. The latter is frequently for sale. I would move some of the larger anubias in the centre to the back to create space for a lower carpet. A string of pennywort would be nice too.

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