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Red-Tailed Shark w/h others?

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So I just got a 15 gallon tank (rescued tank) with two (what appears to be) Chinese algae eaters and a red tailed shark in it. much too small a tank for all of them to stay in. 
Wondering what the consensus is on putting the red tailed shark and one of the algae eaters in my 120g planted community tank? 
this is what's in there
1 skunk loach
14 neons
2 rummynose
2 harlequin rasboras
3 various cories 
1 pictus catfish
3 giant danios ( moveable )

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I would move the rescue fish into the 120 and put  some of the Tetras or rasbora into the 15gal or find different fish for it. Keep an eye on the algae eaters for showing interest in your fish 

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