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I'm new, just started my saltwater tank about 5 weeks ago (never had an aquarium before) and am looking for guidance, knowledge, and maybe some help in getting my tank up and running. I am finding it a bit pricey and am hoping to get pointers on how to cut costs and save money but still have a nice aquarium.

My tank is 55 Gallons have one powerhead, a heater and two on the side filters , I started with live sand and mixed some live rock with dry rock but may be regretting the live rock as I think I have some pests on my rock (Bubble Algae, and some type of worm, and a star fish even came out of the rocks) I have just introduced about 12 hermit crabs and 2 snails into the tank to see how they do before I look at adding some clown fish or maybe osme other type that would be good for a beginner (any suggestions would be appreciated!) I am also wanting to get some corals in there eventually but as stated before its pricey so will work slowly to build this tank. If anyone is on these forums and is from the Edmonton area and is willing to provide a bit of mentorship or help I would be very appreciative.


Thank you,


Omar :)

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I can't help you with salt water questions but there are others that should be able to chip in. For corals you may want to check out the ACE auction next Oct 1. Last year there were quite a few coral fragments being sold. I don't know what normal prices are but expect the auction to be a better deal. You might find other critters or dry goods of interest as well.


Saturday September 30th 2017:  Aquarium Workshop

Sunday October 1st 2017: Fall Auction

Be sure to mark them on your calendar! Both events will take place at High Park Community Hall ( 11032 154 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 2K1)

The Fall auction will be at the usual time [9am sellers start delivering their goods, 10 am start viewing, 11am start auction]. Regular rules, 20 lots for each member. Contact Michael Pham for details and to register your lots.

For the workshop on Saturday, we have flown in two outstanding speakers, Stephan Tanner and Jim Cumming. Stephan Tanner is the owner of Swiss Tropicals and is also the Associate Publisher, Senior Editor & Translator for AMAZONAS & CORAL magazines. Jim Cumming specializes in the cichlids of Madagascar and had an article in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Amazonas magazine written about him.

Everyone, both members and non members, are welcome to drop into both the auction and the workshop. There is no charge for attending the first two workshop presentations or auction. For the third workshop presentation, we will be having a banquet. Tickets will be available for $20. Please contact Michael Pham to purchase your tickets as soon as possible.

Jim Cumming’s presentation will be on:

Cichlids of Madagascar; The Land that Time Forgot

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